Another Great SUNDAY reliving the past

With friends and family celebrating Canada  in various parts of Canada…..I went to visit a FANTASTIC Blast from the Past. I attended the Northern Roughriders Western Re-enactment group at their  Wild WEst Town “TRANQUILITY” near Huntly.   Aberdeenshire.

This was certainly a great day, the children and families  were enjoying them selves. and in keeping with the Aberdonian Theme????? it was all FREE. No Charge, no parking fee etc. Games were FREE in fact it was all free of Charge.

Things included were quite extensive, freedom to visit the Jail , The Saloon , the Barber Shop etc etc even the undertakers.

Games for the Kids included Knife Throwing, Archery (poor Buffalo) Rifle range. There was a Bank Robbery a Gunfight with the robbers and a grand finale of a rescue from the jail of the Gang leader. Then a real big shoot em up, with ? ? ? ? ??  the good guys winning in the end.

The saloon was serving up free coffee and drinks for the kids. So for Aberdonians intent on saving money. You could not find a better day than the Family Days at TRANQUILITY… here are a few photos of the day.

Thank you to the and to the Geographically Challenged Cowboy Singer, who welcomed me over the mike as being from Canada USA. Obviously a costly mistake if I had, had, a six gun as well. I would have challenged him to a gunfight  YYYyyyeeee haw a GREAT Day

with lots of fun and SUNSHINE.

The Deputies
Kids Loved the Jail
The main Street and the Well
Confronted with the SWAG
Here Comes the Sheriff
Sasha and Susie found Boot Hill
The remains of a Horse Thief
Leader of the Gang ? ? is he getting Dutch Courage


An exciting Sunday In Banchory

On Friday’s radio show on River Dee radio. I had the pleasure of meeting “The LONE STRANGER” not only is he a fellow DJ on RDR he turned out to be a most interesting fellow. He advised listeners that if they were travelling on the Crathes Milton Train this weekend. He had heard about a possible Train Robbery?

Well this certainly intrigued myself and I off I went on Sunday to check it out.

When I arrived at the Station I saw many characters milling about?

Have I gone back in time??
Even cowboys seem to have a Mini Me nowadays?

On board I was surprised to see a couple of Cons  board with the Sheriff as an escort Gun Drawn>>>>>

Unfortunately I missed the biggest Con as he swaggered by me, But I got this one face on.
Under the watchful eye of Sheriff and his six shooter
One of my fellow passengers pretended to be asleep but he did have his Wary Eye Open

Just across from me sat a man dressed smartly in Black with Feathers in his hat? Were they from a Black Eagle?The train rolled along through the country side when a commotion started just behind my seat.

The one eyed cowpoke got up as his pals entered…..

O M G as they say nowadays its a Robbery….”The Lone Stranger” was right..

But the Banker fellas was “The Lone STranger” in disguise and he drew his trusty Derringer ( Gold Plated even)

Then a yell from a Pinkerton Lady Detective and the Marshall as they arrested the other  bad hombres.

He has no idea the Lady Detective is aboard nor the Marshall.
They Got him and the others.

Just before we reached our final station one  bad guy came out and held the sheriff at gunpoint so his pals could escape…

He laughs as he surprises the Sheriff

Thankfully the train arrived Safely and people could get off and recover from their ordeal at the Medicine Show.

This little guy was not scared he told me later.
Who is this ? ? ? Perhaps Wild Bill Hickock???
Possibly Calamity Jane or Annie Oakley????

At the medicine show the World Famous Dr showed off his Elixer of Life… even showing us what happens when he gave a sip to a tiny old dog……>>>.

Transformation from an older Dog to a Large Younger Dog > > > > > > > > > A M A Z I N G …

Administering the Elixir.

Five minutes or less W O W ! ! ! !


All in all a GREAT TrainRide  thanks to the entertaining folks of.  Northern Rough Riders Western Reenactment Group. who are having an open day Next Sunday….02 July 2017.

Take Care folks  Enjoy your SUMMER and stay safe

Robby n Sasha in Sunny Scotland.




Greetings and some UPDATES from Pilmuir Steading

Sorry I have been remiss in  keeping this Blog updated…….BUT………(there is always a but).

Believe it or not I have n=been as busy as the proverbial 0one armed paperhanger.

2 dogs recuperating from serious operations.  Isla who had her  double hip operation and a broken Femur pinned 2 months ago is well on the way to a full recovery. However her walking is curtailed to a maximum of 40 minutes twice a day. On a leash. This has wreaked havoc with both her andmy weight loss programme. When she was at the Vet for her post op she had regained 6 of the 10 Kilograms she had lost. I however am a wee bit luckier I am still sitting at 129 Kilos and holding.

Sasha  had a serious surgery where the worst case scenario was that she would only walk with the aid of rear wheels.  Suffice to say after much worry on my part she had her tendon repaired and her knee cap sewn back into place. She too is limited  in short walks on a leash.

BUT they are both progressing well.

I am busy with 2 radio programmes a week to prepare and my military Blog. I have also been very busy taking advantage of the great weather and painting  the 2 decks, fence posts and gates to liven the  place up for David and Nicolas return in June for a break.

Getting prepared for the arrival of the Payne-McRobb Clan in July. I can tell you one thing we have pre arranged is a trip to Caervarlock Castle in the Border Country to attend a Medieval Fair and jousting Championship. England vs Scotland. I am sure the  grandkids will not forget that experience soon.

So folks that a quick update on lufe at Pilmuir Steading in the Highlands of Scotland.

Have a lovely SPRING where ever you may be.

Thats it for now.

Robby  aka  Al  aka  Hey You