Day One.

I left Victoria at 1400. First stop Vancouver where I ran into Ray Sturgeon a former apprentice and a deputy minister under Brian Mulroney. We both boarded the a/c heading for Heathrow. He was heading to Bruxelles

Nice flight watched a couple of movies. I transferred in heathrow  to the British Airways flight to Glasgow. Safely in Glasgow and checked in at Hotel.

I had a call waiting from an old buddy from days in Algeria and Baku.David Yuill a great Scots Chef aka  “Bounty Boy” more on that later

David showed up with his wife Lynne and their daughter Sophie. We had a great catch up chat, a brew and naturally being in Scotland a wee dram.This is a part of my life that I have always enjoyed. Meeting up with old friends even for a short time. It is like we had only met yesterday, when in fact it was at the Holiday Inn in 1999 Thta we last met face to face.

Thanks David, Lynne and Sophie for a great evening.

A great Mate and a wonderful Chef
A great Mate and a wonderful Chef
A Bonnie Wee Lassie The Apple of her dad’s eye.
Lynne and David met 30 years ago, and have been married 25 years this year. Congratulations to both of you


Every Journey begins with One Step


The saying goes that every Journey starts with just one step. Forty years ago in 1973 i was part of UNEF “The War of Yom Kippur” or “The Ten day War”. I left Petawawa with my Kitchen truck, my SMG, and a UN Blue Helmet.

As I hugged my kids Mike and Steph, who knew perhaps for the last time. I knew I was heading into a War Zone and that our mission was to, separate the warring   parties.

I must admit that I absolutely, loved that tour of duty. I have been back to Egypt, many times over the past  40 years. Now I return to a country that is still in turmoil. I will arrive Monday God willing, In Sha Allah.

And the creek don’t rise. Two photos from Canada showing my departures.

Mike and  Stephanie  1973  Petawawa Mike and Stephanie  1973 Petawawa
Mike and Stephanie 1973 Petawawa
Mike and Stephanie 1973 Petawawa

1973 leaving Petawawa

"K" man and  Lily"Z"
“K” man and Lily”Z”

Koan and Lily 2013

Forty years 2 children and 7 Grandchildren. My life is full.