Next Leg 560 Miles Gallup New Mexico to Palm Springs

 We left Gallup Holiday Inn at approx. 0900 heading south and west to palm Springs. This drive will take us through New Mexico, Arizona and destination Palm Springs IMG_2095 (2) Views from the parking Lot Temp 42 F Car windshield Iced up scrape scrape and away we go… IMG_2097IMG_2096   First stop Gas Up we gassed up on the reservation. IMG_2100 (2)   Off we go and the scenery is AWESOME   ha ha Bob and I discussed this word at length. and voted against using it. IMG_2108 (2) IMG_2106 IMG_2105   We see the signs in Arizona about the Largest Petrified Tree in the world…aptly named Geronimo as we travelled ” Route 66 ” IMG_2132 (2)   Petrified trees with Geronimo standing Tall. IMG_2118 (2) IMG_2117 (2) IMG_2116 (2) Naturally being a dog Sasha had to check out the trees. IMG_2129 IMG_2128   Bob checked out the trading post IMG_2135 IMG_2145 (2)   We entered and Bob met a Local…Not sure if they were discussing how much they would get for my Scalp? IMG_2147 Apparently not enough ! ! !  ! IMG_2148 It is amazing to see the colours and Cacti growth on petrified logs. IMG_2146                                     IMG_2123 (2) Enter the Trading Post: IMG_2154 Watch out for the Lizards: IMG_2149 and the Dinosaurs on the  side of the highway… IMG_2114 (2) Sasha  watches and checks out the route and the best place to stop for a tree break.         IMG_2158 (2) IMG_2160 (2) IMG_2175 (2)  As Bob drove  through the mountains up to an Altitude of 7460 feet then down to 1800 Ft the Temp rose to 70 F  Time for Short Shorts Nice Knees if I say so myself.   IMG_2188 (2) Arrived hotel Palm Springs spoke to Mel ( Limey) and Irene we meet tomorrow for Thanksgiving Lunch. To be continued……Up early and this is the view from our Hotel. IMG_2195 (2)   IMG_2192IMG_2191 (2)Bobby checking out the fruits of the Tree. IMG_2194 (2) As we walked about before leaving we saw some Road Runners  Beep Beep IMG_2206 (2)   IMG_2205 (2) But no Wiley Coyote  ? ? ? ?? ? The Summit after 60 years  Bob and Mel meet up in Sunny California IMG_2207 (2) IMG_2210 (2)IMG_2209 (2)The gang before refreshments on the Patio. IMG_2211 (2) IMG_2212 (2) On the Patio Cacti with long spikes IMG_2204 (2)   BIMG_2213 (2) IMG_2214 (2) Bobby sharing a joke with Santa, and singing Carols. After a wonderful Thanksgiving meal we headed back to  ” Hacienda Limey “ IMG_2218 (2) Where the welcome MAT is always out. IMG_2224 (2) IMG_2223 (2) IMG_2221 IMG_2220 IMG_2219 (2)   A great big Thank You to Mel and Irene for a super visit. Also to Dawson Sasha says Thanks for the food. IMG_2225 (2) We head for  LA tomorrow and that ain’t Leduc Alberta. Los Angeles. 92 minutes driving through the mountains , IMG_2227 IMG_2229 IMG_2228.  Bob arrives at his cousins Hoose, Cissie lived in Toronto on Pacific Avenue. She fondly remembers my younger brother Georgie. She told me how nice a boy he was with her son Gordon as best pals for a few years till they moved to California. Tales of my brother that I had never heard befor. What a lovely welcome and a great complex for Seniors. Lemon Trees, Orange and Fig trees as well as Hibiscus and my favourites Bird of Paradise Flowers. Here are Cissie and Bob  buzzin cousins and some scenes of the Flora around Cissies House………

IMG_2233 IMG_2232 IMG_2231


Now for the Flora > > > > >


IMG_2239  IMG_2237 IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234

 Natures Bounty on the door step >>>>>> Off to dinner at a great Burger Joint easy menu if you take the kids>>>> Burgers plain or with cheese, single or double patty, Fries  pop and Milkshakes that’s it. A great meal with no major decision making.

IMG_2240 (2) IMG_2241 - Copy

Tomorrow of to Alcatraz and San Francisco see new page:

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Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.

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