A day onboard the USS Lexington

Our final full day in beautiful Port Aranus Texas. What a great spot for a holiday. We went to the USS Lexington Museum on board the  actual fabled carrier. IMG_1786  IMG_1790  The Rising SUN Flag shows at the point of impact of a Kamikaze during WW2. IMG_1791  This Carrier had a Long Active life of 50 YearsIMG_1831 The Bridge from the Flight Deck.  Below  Navigator “BoB’ IMG_1844 Captain Bob on the Bridge. IMG_1850  IMG_1846 IMG_1845 The Bridge On the way up the ladders we met this gentleman…..Do you think they are brothers?? Comments Please,: IMG_1843 This Gent was visiting from Ireland. I think he is a long lost relation of Bob’s.

A view of the Flight Deck;  Fore and Aft ( Navy SPEAK)

IMG_1840 IMG_1837 IMG_1811 IMG_1810

 The heart  and soul of any military unit be they Land , Sea or Air is the Kitchen, Galley ,

and the Smiling Cooks :


IMG_1797 (2)

For the  bad fellas these guys would  chase them while they fought in the Bras and Brothels of the world.:: : : : : IMG_1793


Oft times resulting in a stay in the “Crowbar Hotel”

IMG_1805   IMG_1802 IMG_1801

A great Tour and to anyone who served or is serving on the Atha B a great 3 D film of the rescue efforts in the 2010 Haiti Quake.

Then it was back to the beach by way of yet another SHARK…..

IMG_1856 IMG_1858 IMG_1857

On the beautiful beach of Padre Island..

IMG_1860 IMG_1859

While I fed the Gulls…. much to Bob’s Chagrin.

IMG_1871 IMG_1870


That’s it folks  On the Road tomorrow to Austin and onwards to Corsicana Texas for a Rodeo ( Fingers Crossed)

BLCCRT Now In the Lone Star State…………..YAHOOOOOOoooooo


IN 1955 Bobby and I went to the Saturday Matinee to see the latest movie. The Alamo starring Fess parker as Davey Crocket. Fifty Seven Years Later we finally got our Davey Crocket Coon Skin Caps and Visited the ALAMO.


The Trio outside the fort.


Scotland was represented during the Texas Revolution by 4 pioneers of Scots Birth:

John McGregor, Richard W Ballantine, Isaac Robinson and David L Wilson all died at the hands of a 3,000-strong Mexican army.

20 23

We put our Coonskin Caps back in the car for safe keeping and off to walk the Riverwalk.

I do not need a Diet Stephanie  I need one of these mirrors.



Bobby had his Knobbly Knees removed by the Magic Mirror>



Bobby figures the Peterheed game will just be finishing and JImmy and Robbie will be ice cold. At the same time here in Texas Plus 82F and a nice coffee




Dear Daughter, Son, Friends and relatives this Text enmasse says Please Send Money to feed Sasha


L O L >>>>>


Texas Ducks are smart Playing dead when Sasha walked By


Bob having his supper with a Special Hat at  DICK’S Bar on the Riverwalk

After a plus 80 day walking for 6 hours Sasha crashes while we have dinner.



More adventures tomorrow from Corpus Christi and the Gulf. tattie by  fur Noo.

We have reached the Gulf of Mexico 2 1/2 hours from San Antonio Blue Waters,

Sandy Beaches for miles Temp 82F  and guess who was the first one in the water???

IMG_1695 IMG_1694 IMG_1693 IMG_1692

Yup it was Sasha whatta hound ? ? ? ? IMG_1690 (3) IMG_1689 IMG_1688


Sasha and I walked back to the Hotel and we found this “mannie” sleeping in the Hot Tub

IMG_1696 (2)


So I followed suit… after all this is our first day of R & R no touring today. After all it is Sunday…….

IMG_1698 (2) IMG_1697 (2)


Now we are off on a drive and walk about. Where are we you ask??? Port Aranis Texas.

IMG_1702 (2) IMG_1701 (2) IMG_1711 (2)

Pelicans everywhere and Big Boaties tae. The Doric is for those freens a Bob’s in Peterhead.

IMG_1705 (2)





At last a place to eat and drink too bad the beer is American but hey! ! ! !  when in Rome?

IMG_1715 (2) IMG_1713 (2)

NO Pink Elephants with Texas Beer but>  >> > >> > > >> > > >  O M G a Shark.

IMG_1680 (2)



That’s it for today folks off for a cool dip to get rid of the sweat of Fear of that SHARK.ha ha ha ha.

Or should we worry about SNAKES ? ? ?  Rattlers of course.


Or could it be the OCTOPI ? ? ?

CC13 CC12 CC11

Apparently in Canada and Peterhead one is experiencing cold weather….we Ain’t….LOL till next Blog

 Here we are a Private Beach just over 50 miles long Temp84F no one on beach except us, overcast and very hot. The Tide line is where the flotsam and jetsam collects until the next tide.

Not sure if this counts as Flotsam or Jetsam>> > > >> > > >

CC16 CC17 (2)

 No Bright Sunshine but Lovely for a dip in the Gulf.


Sasha enjoyed swimming the rolling in the sand……………..



Apparently my Daughter has ashop down here???



Today Tuesday we are off to Laredo…you know that “West Texas Town” of Marty Robbins fame.

Here is the Rio Grande the physical border between the USA and Mexico.

IMG_1763 IMG_1762 IMG_1761


The Local Tour Guide works for TIPS>>>>>> > >





Passenger Bridge Toll 75 Centavos:

IMG_1759 IMG_1758


OOT in the middle of Nae man’s land..



Laredo is not a very scenic town but it is very interesting..

IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1768 IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1775

We even found a “Woolies” or Woolworths for those of you who may



After a nice lunch and a cervesa or two we headed back….What a line up….I got through (due to my good looks and Charming nature) in about 15 minutes.  Bobby ! ! ! well that is another story this Illegal took over one hour to get through customs.





To Be Continued………………………………



Getting Excited up Coming Bucket List Cross Country Road Trip…….or BLCCRT

We are off in 48 hours Via West Jet Sasha and I heading for Miami….meet up with Bobby Bruce for our BUCKET LIST road trip a/la Thelma and Louise. PS: I am the better looking one.


 It has been just over 1/2 a century ago 55 years ago to be exact 1958. Bob and I photographed with the 1958 Chev Corvette. We planned to travel  Route 66. Visit The Alamo, Live Free like “Kookie” whose comb I could have actually used way back then.

Well on Friday of this week it will become reality. As we head West from Miami to Seattle and Victoria 30 days of fun and memories to share.



Have we Changed that Much. ,,,,,,and awaaaay we Go>>>

Heading North to Tampa Sasha enjoying the Palm trees and Sunshine

b aFirst Stop Alligator Hunting:

e d c (3)Bob checking out the area>>>>>>>


Wilma  Lives with the Gators
Wilma Lives with the Gators



ghThe First One about 6 Feet THE NEXT A WEE BITTIE BIGGER

The Air Boat ride was Fantastic and I heartily recommend it to anyone visiting Florida.

Bob driving the next Leg of our tour….


He is dreaming of Doris day singing See the USA in your Chevrolet ( apologies to those under 60s who do not remember Doris Day.

yahoo (2)

Prepping for Veterans Day……….enroute to Memphis  TN.  On the Tram heading to Sun Recording Studio.

F (2)

Elvis and I chilling out at the studio………A (2) C (2) B

Bobby “B” on the skins…..

We spent Veterans day touring Memphis Beal St Area and enjoyed a FREE yes that’s right a FREE Lunch at Applebees  to honour Veterans. So Sgt McRobb and S/Sgt Bruce enjoyed a steak dinner with all the trimmings.




The Flag presented to Elvis’s dad at the Funeral.


An Update on  our Car Photo  LOL  

Decisions Decisions

How about This ????? looookiiinnnggggg   GGGOOOOODDDDDD  ! !


Sign outside some Restaurants ? ? ? ?

In Memphis Bob blamed the dang Canadians for sending a cold front,,he was chilling at 28F ? ? ? BBBrrrrrrrr

IMG_1516 (2)





In New Orleans it had moved up to 45F and he still found a warm Bar and Grill.


A (2)

 Meanwhile I found My MOJO>>>>>>>


 Bob and Sasha wondering who came out of this crumbling Tomb in the old cemetery.


Finally into the Lone Star State  PLUS 82F Bob is happy just after this photo he changed into his shorts.



Onward to “The ALAMO ”