Car returned to Hertz . . . . . .. Ferry to Victoria

Enroute to Seattle Another Lovely Sunny Day: We visited the Boeing Factory but no Cameras or cell phones allowed. Amazing spot to visit; IMG_2649 IMG_2646 IMG_2641 IMG_2640 IMG_2636 IMG_2635 IMG_2632 IMG_2631 IMG_2630 IMG_2628 IMG_2599 IMG_2598 IMG_2597 We boarded the Victoria Clipper. A Norwegian Catamaran Ferry with a speed of 35 Knots. IMG_2655 IMG_2654 IMG_2653 Hence the Nickname  “The Rooster” Bobby caught me in a Yawn . . . . .. IMG_2651 IMG_2652 We reached Victoria to a COLD day with SNOW bbbbbrrrrrr  Minus 4 degrees. Never the less we headed to visit Gold Stream Park  To see the RainForest and the salmon run as well as the Eagles ( Not the Band) IMG_2662


Thousands of Salmon do not make it all the way to lay their eggs during Spawning season. The Gulls are Happy.

How Big is that Tree Bobby??


Sasha checks out the trees as well.

IMG_2681 IMG_2680 IMG_2679

The Eagle soars above:

IMG_2669 (2) IMG_2670 IMG_2671 IMG_2672

:My DD Stehanie asked if Bobby would like to meet a friend of hers from Peterhead. So of we went to the home of Ruby (Baird) and Bill.

IMG_2749 IMG_2754

Incredibly Bobby and Ruby attended the same school, and Bob knows her brother well and his children and grandchildren a SMALL world indeed. Or as the expression of the day goes  “”AWESOME””


After a great visit Sasha and I took Bob to see the world’s tallest Totem carved from a single Tree:




Still can’t see the TOP. This Pole was erected as a War Memorial to Canadian Indians in both WW1 and WW2.

IMG_2761 (2)

Full Height : 128 Feet.’s_Tallest_Totem_Pole,_Victoria,_British_Columbia.JPG

A Tot

Bob on landing in Heathrow  end of a Long AWSOME trip.

ZK-OKO-Air-New-Zealand-Boeing-777-300_PlanespottersNet_416863 (2)

Final Leg to Aberdeen: From Heathrow  I will bet he is Jet Lagged.

airLing (2)

Thanks Bob for a super trip renewing old memories : Hae a Guid Hogmonay.

Lang May Yer Lum reek, Slange

Evening Toast (2)



After our ” Escape from Alcatraz ” Searching for a recommended Chinese Noshery;

IMG_2516 The day rapidly cleared up on Alcatraz and the SUN came out Temp plus  70 F.

Bob’s son Gary recommended a chinese restaurant the TREK begins;

IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2505 IMG_2506

Waiting for the Eco ferry We saw the wind turbines for the ship’s electrics;

IMG_2510 IMG_2515 IMG_2516

Return Views in the  Bright Sunshine. Our GPS said 1.3 miles to walk to the restaurant ( IT DID NOT MENTION 5  MILES OF STAIRS)


IMG_2521At least the climb offered some interesting Tile Art:


IMG_2525 (2)

“”””EUREKA””””””  Bob found it

IMG_2526 (2)

A fine meal was ordered;

IMG_2532 IMG_2531

Bob started to get warm and took of his Sweater before LUNCH:

IMG_2536 IMG_2535



A Full Tummy……………………… and Now bob  feels he is a wise man with a wise man cap !!!


Tomorrow we head north to Roseburg Oregon via the Golden Gate Bridge…



Russian Orthodox Church on way to Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_2550 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553


Poor Sasha still Tuckered out after all those hills and stairs.

IMG_2567 (2)

Bobby eating Healthy  Fruit Salad Plate  and freezing his A** off,

IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2585 IMG_2586

Beautiful Scenery  even though Temp only 37 F

Darkening Sky’s as we enter Oregon.

IMG_2599 IMG_2598 IMG_2597

Tomorrow  the last leg of our Car Journey finishing off in Seattle. Then A ferry on Friday to Victoria BC.