2014 Sasha and I travel to UK ……… 31 May till 15 Feb (so far)

To start this tale I must go back to November of 2013.

Sasha and I were walking along Cook St. A lady stopped to pat her, we chatted briefly. I asked her where she was from in Australia. She told me  and also added that she was in the midst of travelling the world House and pet sitting. This certainly Piqued my curiosity. A day or so later we ran into her again on a walk. I asked if she had time for a coffee. She did ,and we sat down outside a coffee shop. She told me of 2 sites that she uses to find house and pet sitting jobs globally. Her name Cheryl Thomas.

I wrote them down and as soon as I got home I Googled them.

WOW or as the youth of today say OMG !!! !

These sites had hundreds of people seeking house sitters, varied dates some short term some long term. A 15 bedroom Chateau in France, a 3 month stay in Fes Morocco my imagination went wild.

However I calmed   and started to make plans.  Meanwhile Sasha had memories of sleeping on the Road, the  last Trip Miami to Victoria …….

Dreaming of Squirrel Chasing
Dreaming of Squirrel Chasing


However I digress before we board the Air Canada flight to Heathrow we had many things to do.

1- find a house sitting assignment

2- buy a car in UK  (see my Buddy Chris Cassimer)

3- renew UK drivers license

4-Ferry Booking to Normandy

5- Initial Hotel Accommodation (dog friendly)

6- Storage unit for gear from apartment

I am off now to complete these tasks.


Yahoooo the day to start packing the container has finally arrived

Yahoooo the day to start packing the container has finally arrived…… here it is !!!!



Blocking the Road

Hoist Away                   Hoist Away.

Sasha Supervisor
Sasha  Project  Supervisor


Thanks Ladies
Thanks Ladies  the “A” Team
Lil Quality Control Check
Lil Quality Control Check All ok granpa.
Should I pack them as well????
Should I pack them as well????
Are they still in Back????
Are they still in Back????

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