Meanwhile across the Channel ( Mel n Irene do Versaille )

In the UK so far  0 days  rain  in France  4 days rain, who wins???


NO NO Melvin Wrong country ! ! ! ! You put your finger in the dike in Holland not the Palace of Versailles
photo 3
Irene in her “Jackie O” sunglasses on a cloudy day, thinking positive Kiddo
photo 4
Is this the Staff entrance?????
The prettiest Church in Paris
The prettiest Church in Paris  Sacre Coeur
Who is the Tourist Dame in front of Notre Dame
Who is the Tourist Dame in front of Notre Dame
photo 5
Another Beautiful Church
photo 4
Mel decided to take the Bus around The Arc de Triomphe as he remembers going round 1/2 dozen times with Smitty and I Trying to find an exit ha ha ha
photo 3
No visit to Paris without the Tower.
photo 2
Les Invalides





Their time outside Gay Paree seems to have sped by. They are packing for their next aventur !!!

Next Stop Deutchesland. land of Beer, Wurst and Jaegie.
Next Stop Deutchesland. land of Beer,  Wursts and Jaegie.

Stay Tuned Folks.




Memories ! ! ! ! !

Born n Bred at 19 Stevenson St Aberdeen, Jan 1944.

Stevenson St Circa 1960
Stevenson St Circa 1960


The old houses are long gone  but the memories remain, Myra Irvine My Brother George and I were all born at 19 Stevenson St, delivered into this world 70 years ago by our Nannie Rae. Rodney my other Irvine Cousin was born in the same house but delivered by a different Mid Wife as nannie was now in Canada.

We had a mini reunion in Aberdeen, Toured the International market and a Pub or twa.

Colour Canada has been very good to this Immigrant extended_Page_05_Image_0002
Myra and Rodney 1950 Rod is on the Left


Myra always Smiling
Rod in the Pub……again?????
The Sweeties Do I or Don’t I ?????
Rod makes an executive decision and buys some……does he have a sweet Tooth??
3 Aberdonian Cuzzins first meeting of the Clan in over 30 years.


Scotland Bonnie Scotland


Crossing the Firth of Forth
Crossing the Firth of Forth

On the way to Bob’s hoose in Peterhead.

IMG_3458 (2)

Brekkie time on the Road Yum Yum
Brekkie time on the Road
Yum Yum  No Croissants for moi!!!!!

Arrival At Bobs


No not for the World Cup ha ha ha ha
Bob beachcombing….guess what’s in the bag……Hunter Knows

Coffee in the Costa del  Blue Toon

IMG_3480 (2)
What a fabulous day plus 25 at 0900 yahooooooo
IMG_3483 (2)
Bob Hunter and Sasha enjoying the Sun…

Bob’s Gran daughter Sienna   Champion of the Chairs Game….

Forget the World Cup watch the Chair Game. Sienna is Champion....
Forget the World Cup watch the Chair Game. Sienna is Champion….

Sasha enjoys her Scots Brekkie  in the Holiday Inn

Sausage, Scrambled Egg, Plain ( Healthy) Yoghurt, Cheese and coffee creamer, she certainly has a Dog’s Life ha ha ha ha

Eat Slowly good for the Digestion
Eat Slowly good for the Digestion
Eating Slowly to enjoy Breakfast from Room Service
Eating Slowly to enjoy Breakfast from Room Service

our First Morning walking aboot Aiberdeen.

Round the Corner from my Hotel Is my old School Skene St now renamed. My house would have bee to the left of the white Bus Sign
The Old part of the new school which I attended.. The Dyke is the one I fell off many years ago and split my head open.
The spot where my was….
Looking from my House to the school gate> When I lived here the dyke closed across the end of the road, where the lamp post is.
Taken approx. 1946 me and my Dog
Taken Approx 1946 roughly the same spot as the next photo…King and I


2014 Sasha and I same spot as 1946 Photo smaller Dog bigger belly>>>> LoL
The Pub my dad had his pints in The name was different will try and find out.     Thanks to the Good Folks on FB Aberdeen Memories this was called  “Walkers Bar” back in my Dad’s day.

Stay Tuned for more Pics of Aberdeen