Meanwhile across the Channel ( Mel n Irene do Versaille )

In the UK so far  0 days  rain  in France  4 days rain, who wins???


NO NO Melvin Wrong country ! ! ! ! You put your finger in the dike in Holland not the Palace of Versailles
photo 3
Irene in her “Jackie O” sunglasses on a cloudy day, thinking positive Kiddo
photo 4
Is this the Staff entrance?????
The prettiest Church in Paris
The prettiest Church in Paris  Sacre Coeur
Who is the Tourist Dame in front of Notre Dame
Who is the Tourist Dame in front of Notre Dame
photo 5
Another Beautiful Church
photo 4
Mel decided to take the Bus around The Arc de Triomphe as he remembers going round 1/2 dozen times with Smitty and I Trying to find an exit ha ha ha
photo 3
No visit to Paris without the Tower.
photo 2
Les Invalides





Their time outside Gay Paree seems to have sped by. They are packing for their next aventur !!!

Next Stop Deutchesland. land of Beer, Wurst and Jaegie.
Next Stop Deutchesland. land of Beer,  Wursts and Jaegie.

Stay Tuned Folks.




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