Decisions…..Decisions ! ! ! !

It is amazing how relaxing it is here in the Valley. The only sounds being birds and sheep. Interspersed with the odd Dog Bark or Tractor passing the driveway to change fields.

Now to this mornings Big Decision ! ! ! !

I only ever drink tea when I have  a boiled egg. I also like my wee bread soldiers with my eggs. That is my big decision for today?? What is the proper way to make tea and to cut my soldiers?


A nice THIN  slice of Scots White Bread
A nice THIN slice of Scots White Bread
Slice soldiers sideways????
…………..Or length ways ? ? ? ?
Perhaps Both
Now for the tea……

What is the best way or the proper way or is it the correct way to brew Tea… I googled it and came up with dozens of ideas. I personally pop my teabag in the cup, add boiling water ( I use 2 bags as I enjoy STRONG BLACK TEA) I have added 2 videos one the Proper way according to the English and one USA method. enjoy as I enjoy my eggs n soldiers.

A Smiley Pot for a Smiley Day
A Smiley Pot for a Smiley Day

It is now 4PM that is 5PM in Germany where Mel and Irene are; This was his Low Calorie Lunch and it is Vegetarian???????

      Eine Kleine  Schwarzwald Becker
Eine Kleine
Schwarzwald Becher

This from Irene……… It’s called a Schwartzwald Becher
It has kirsch schnapps, vanilla ice cream, sour cherries, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.
I think it’s calorie free.

 Yummaaa   Yummmaaa   Yummmaaaa
Yummaaa                Yummmaaa                 Yummmaaaa






Just a catch up end July

Two wonderful months since Sasha and I departed Victoria. Do we miss Victoria, YES, Do we miss family and friends YES. But this trip is simply something I had to do. I felt that I was stagnating in Victoria.

Although I would love to reach a century in age, I would like to have all my faculties and certainly to be mobile. In the tiny village of Newcastleton, I have met a lady with a walker. She uses the walker as a support system and she walks 2 miles per day along the river bank. Her son is the same age as me and he  walks with her each and every day along with “Daisy” a mixed Jack Russell and Border Terrier. This lady is sharp as a tack a wonderful sight these fine summer days.

We go for long walks, Sasha, Scooby and Toddy always culminating in a swim. (for the hounds) every day. I have seen more sheep and highland cattle than I have ever seen.

Sasha and I are here in Hawick until 22/23 August at that time the owners will be up from London for a short holiday. They will take the dogs back to London till Oct 09.

So Sasha and I are off to Bobby’s house in Peterhead, visit my 3 McRobb Cousins in Aberdeen. Then it is off to Inverness. Where we will house sit for 2 weeks watching over a young Jack Russell. Mid Sept we depart Inverness and head for Shoreham by Sea Sussex. There we will be sitting on a Canal boat with 2 Labs.

Mel n Irene will be stopping by on their way from France to Heathrow, It will be great meeting up again and talk about our house sitting adventures.

Then Sasha and I will pick up Scooby and Toddy in London and  head back here to Hawick. A few pics from this week.

The birthplace of the Kaisers  in the town  Mel n Irene are sitting
The birthplace of the Kaisers in the town Mel n Irene are sitting

continuing with Castle Views.

hohenhaus Castle (5)
Irene Surveying her Lands
hohenhaus Castle (1)
What a MAGNIFICENT Setting
hohenhaus Castle (4)
Oh What a view ! ! ! !
hohenhaus Castle (3)
Frederich King of Prussia 1888-1913 Only lived 25 years poor man.


Mel and Vincent a contented man and his Cat
Mel and Vincent a contented man and his Cat


Now the Howk Hounds……………………….

Hoik Hounds (10)
Cooling Off Plus 25 and rising Temps.
Hoik Hounds (3)
Scooby uses his Tail as a Rudder…What a Swimmer.
On the way home from Hermitage Castle still dripping wet
” Majestic Toddy”


Walkers and Cyclists

It never ceases to amaze me the number of walkers, ramblers and cyclists on the trails and roads in Scotland:

These WELCOME Signs are dotted about the Borders

                                     These WELCOME Signs are dotted about the Borders

No Matter the number of Years there are walkers and cyclists of all generations
I really LIKE this one.
Even Tandems in all types of Weather


No matter your Physical Condition there are trails for everyone:

More Modern Reclining Tandem
Or the Tradional Tandem

cy3 cy7

The 7 Stanes are for the more adventurous cyclists  they are mountain bike paths, Start and finish at a Stone Marker.

This is my favourite where one side is in England and the other in Scotland and you can shake hands across the Border through the Hole.