Just a catch up end July

Two wonderful months since Sasha and I departed Victoria. Do we miss Victoria, YES, Do we miss family and friends YES. But this trip is simply something I had to do. I felt that I was stagnating in Victoria.

Although I would love to reach a century in age, I would like to have all my faculties and certainly to be mobile. In the tiny village of Newcastleton, I have met a lady with a walker. She uses the walker as a support system and she walks 2 miles per day along the river bank. Her son is the same age as me and he  walks with her each and every day along with “Daisy” a mixed Jack Russell and Border Terrier. This lady is sharp as a tack a wonderful sight these fine summer days.

We go for long walks, Sasha, Scooby and Toddy always culminating in a swim. (for the hounds) every day. I have seen more sheep and highland cattle than I have ever seen.

Sasha and I are here in Hawick until 22/23 August at that time the owners will be up from London for a short holiday. They will take the dogs back to London till Oct 09.

So Sasha and I are off to Bobby’s house in Peterhead, visit my 3 McRobb Cousins in Aberdeen. Then it is off to Inverness. Where we will house sit for 2 weeks watching over a young Jack Russell. Mid Sept we depart Inverness and head for Shoreham by Sea Sussex. There we will be sitting on a Canal boat with 2 Labs.

Mel n Irene will be stopping by on their way from France to Heathrow, It will be great meeting up again and talk about our house sitting adventures.

Then Sasha and I will pick up Scooby and Toddy in London and  head back here to Hawick. A few pics from this week.

The birthplace of the Kaisers  in the town  Mel n Irene are sitting
The birthplace of the Kaisers in the town Mel n Irene are sitting

continuing with Castle Views.

hohenhaus Castle (5)
Irene Surveying her Lands
hohenhaus Castle (1)
What a MAGNIFICENT Setting
hohenhaus Castle (4)
Oh What a view ! ! ! !
hohenhaus Castle (3)
Frederich King of Prussia 1888-1913 Only lived 25 years poor man.


Mel and Vincent a contented man and his Cat
Mel and Vincent a contented man and his Cat


Now the Howk Hounds……………………….

Hoik Hounds (10)
Cooling Off Plus 25 and rising Temps.
Hoik Hounds (3)
Scooby uses his Tail as a Rudder…What a Swimmer.
On the way home from Hermitage Castle still dripping wet
” Majestic Toddy”


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Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.