Mel n Irene have arrived safely in Toulousse

Enroute they passed through Lisbon , San Sebastian Spain enroute  to Toulousse France. They have sent a few photos and I expect more so pop back to this post off and on.

photo 1
A Cruise Ship in the Harbour of Lisbon Portugal
photo 2
Does one throw 3 coins in this City Fountain?
photo 5
A shimmering Sky in a beautiful city.
photo 4
The city Gate with the statue of King Jose framed.

photo 3

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the oldest in Western Europe, predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by centuries. Julius Caesar made it a municipium called Felicitas Julia, adding to the name Olissipo.

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After 2 days of scenic driving they arrived safely in Toulousse. Mel having a flash back to his days as a transport Operator immediately washed his car before using the inviting pool.

Washing the Volks    folks
Washing the Volks folks
The Pool is calling.......
The Pool is calling…….

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Mel, Irene, Sasha and I will meet up  in Shoreham by sea on board the Myrtle the House boat we will be sitting. Watching over 2 Labs and we will share our memories of a Summer to Remember over a Glass of wine , a Beer or maybe even a STARBUCKS???

Who know maybe even meet at this Palatial Starbucks in Sunny Dubai...
Who know maybe even meet at this Palatial Starbucks in Sunny Dubai…


Over Hadrians Wall and heading South

Another SUNNY glorious day  here in the UK. Plus 22 and nota cloud in the sky as we head away from Hermitage returning In Oct…The big question is . Will we be returning to a separate Scotland or a Scotland that is still a viable part of the United Kingdom.

Not ten minutes on the road, I see a man walking North with his rucksack on his back.( Just another Walker ) NO he was carrying a large sign. I stopped rolled down the window to chat for a moment.  I then pulled over got out of the car to shake his hand and to have a longer chat. This man;

Guy Walker believes in a United Kingdom, he is so passionate he has left his home in Hampshire, south England to walk to Scotland with his message.


The Scottish border beckons, as does the referendum.

This vote has the potential to change the social landscape of the British Isles for ever more. This is your opportunity to make a difference.


A distance of 500 miles. This man is walking in Honour of Scots and to keep the union together.

A distance of 500 miles. This man is walking in Honour of Scots and to keep the union together. Oddly enough this route is also our travel route in Reverse North to South.

A jolly Old Pub enroute

Mr Guy Walker a determined man, to make his point known…..well done Sir. I as a Jockinese Canuck salute you and thank you for your trek.

If there are any among you who feel as acutely as Guy does and wish to actively participate in A Walkers Quest please pack a light bag, bring camping equipment you can carry and join Guy on the last stretch to Edinburgh.

Follow Guy on this quest at:

Continuing South .and time to stop for my first coffee.

As Sasha waited patiently outside the café, I came out and a man was speaking to her and ruffling her collar. Naturally her tail was going a mile a minute enjoying this meeting. The man said hell and told me he had 3 Jack Russells when he lived in Africa, and that they used to kill the poisonous snakes that came around his homestead. His open and honest conversation about dogs, I fully understand  as a dog person.

He told me their names were, Barra,  Cuda  and Shoo Fly  great names for Jacks, I believe.

The first 200 or so miles zoomed by SUN beaming down light traffic on the M-6.

At the rest stop I spoke with a couple in a bright Orange Van. A beautiful colour.

Turns out the live 6 months in Aberdeen and 6 months in the French Alps. Where the teach skiing.

They were on their way south for the Ironman competition in which the lady was entered.

Great to speak to the youth of toay and to see that Life is indeed about adventures. The fella’s base job is an oil exploration Engineer but he only does that May to Nov, then the ski resort beckons. I wished her luck in the Ironman and I will look at the Weymouth results this week.

A great adventure for me today meeting these folk and driving past places full of memories like RAF Lyneham Landed there many times with 437Sqn.

Out travel tales continue later……..