Another beautiful week in the Borders

I don’t know if it is called Indian  Summer in the Borders, but is absolutely great weather. Never a day of rain in a week temperatures during the day 20-21C. Nothing better.My pals Mel and Irene are on the move from Portugal to Toulouse France where today it is 32C or 90F for you older folks.

I have had couple of disappointments this past week. A 3 month sit on Salt Spring Island was knocked back. My e mail for the  2 year sit in Vancouver has not been opened, yet I continue trying for another sit.

This Wednesday we move south, Sasha and I will spend a few days in Melksham Wiltshire with my cousin Myra. Then we are to sit on the houseboat in Shoreham by sea. The Pub that Alix and I ran in 1971, is a five minute walk away from the houseboat if it is still there and in operation.

A couple of photos from out trek back to Hermitage. We stopped for a breather ( ha Ha ) in Fettercairn an old town with a prominent  famous Distillery.

Royal Gate for Victoria and Albert visit  constructed in 1824
Royal Gate for Victoria and Albert visit constructed in 1824

Fettercairn (Scottish Gaelic: Fothair Chàrdain) is a small village in northeast Scotland. It is located northwest of Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire on the B966 from Edzell. Fettercairn is also reached via the Cairn O’ Mount road (B974) from Deeside.

The shaft of the old 17th century Kincardine Mercat cross stands in the square, and is notched to show the measurements of a Scottish ell. Nearby the ruins of the long since abandoned county town and royal castle of Kincardine (Gaelic: Cinn Chàrdainn meaning “The head of the copse”, including the Pictish word carden, “copse” ) similarly Fettercairn (Gaelic: Fothair Chàrdainn meaning “Shelving or terraced slope at the copse”, containing Pictish carden) Kincardine stood about two miles northeast of Fettercairn, and by the end of the 16th century had declined to a mere hamlet, being represented now only by xv. 26 the ruins of the royal castle and an ancient burial-ground. ( )

A memorial archway erected in 1864 commemorates the 1861 visit by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, while staying at Balmoral.

Historically Fettercairn lies at the southern end of the Monboddo Estate, where the Scottish philosopher and precursor of evolutionary thought Lord Monboddo lived. Fettercairn houses the Fettercairn distillery (owned by Whyte and Mackay Ltd.) that produces the “Fettercairn 1824” single malt whisky

My apologies to Brad a connoisseur of fine whisky. I did not accept the free tipple (Dram) offered to all visitors.

A wee Dram of the Guid Stuff.
A wee Dram of the Guid Stuff.
The Copper Still that produce the finest of Malts in Fettercairn.
The Copper Still that produce the finest of Malts in Fettercairn.

Single malt whisky is a whisky made at one particular distillery from a mash that uses only malted grain, ordinarily barley.

Single malts are typically associated with single malt Scotch, though they are also produced in various other countries.[1] Under Scotch Whisky Regulations, a “Single Malt Scotch Whisky” must be made exclusively from malted barley (although the addition of E150A caramel colouring is allowed), must be distilled using pot stills at a single distillery, and must be aged for at least three years in oak casks of a capacity not exceeding 700 litres (150 imperial gallons; 180 US gallons).[2][3] While the Scotch model is usually copied internationally, these constraints may not apply to whisky marketed as single malt that is produced elsewhere. For example, there is no definition of the term single with relation to whisky in the law of the United States, and some American whiskey advertised as malt whisky is produced from malted rye rather than malted barley.

Jack Daniels eat your Heart out ! ! ! !

More to come next time…….



Sunday for art? ? ? ? ?

I have always wanted to be an Artiste ( Ha Ha Ha ) so I started to paint the Hen House here in this beautiful part of Scotland.

The BEFORE photo showing the aged paint on a rustic Hen House.
The BEFORE photo showing the aged paint on a rustic Hen House.
hen house 010
First coat primer on the front Wall
hen house 013
WHERE ? ? ? Are the numbers? Note the smudge pot for midgies.
hen house 015
Apologies to Stephanie But older artistes are allowed Flamboyant dress code while inspired.


Now the door

Looking Good if I do say so myself.
Looking Good if I do say so myself.


Hen P 007
Tomorrow the Hinges stay tuned……
The view from afar
The view from afar

Postal Vote Completed

As a Born n Bred Scotsman I am entitled to cast my vote in the upcoming referendum.

I know some of my friends, buddies and perhaps even family will be concerned ( maybe upset  over my Vote.  BUT that is why we live in peace in a free and democratic country.

Vote 002
My Scots Address
Vote 004
The all Important Ballot Paper and envelope


Signature and DOB for crossreferencing ID
Signature and DOB for crossreferencing ID

In Aberdeen their is a Charity which placed 100 sculptures of Dolphins around the city. They are looking for donations, They also have a contest if you can locate all 100. Sasha found a pair:



First one in Union St park


Second find in the St Nicolas Shopping Centre
Second find in the St Nicolas Shopping Centre


Oh yes my Vote:

Vote 003X (2)