In 30 days it is Christmas Eve.

Another Great week in the Borders of Scotland. Mother Nature sure looks after her chosen people (we in Scotland). On the Beeb!  all the news at the beginning of the week was about the snow in Buffalo and parts of Canada. Poor folks !

Here we have had unseasonably warm weather, my biggest job was protecting the Butterflies that entered the cottage, they must be so confused. I know the plants certainly are what with Crocus, and Thistle appearing dotted about the garden.

So soft   so petit  so confused
So soft so petit so confused by the warm weather


BUT simply beautiful and elegant
BUT simply beautiful and elegant

This time next week we will be on the road again Heading for Aberdeen, Peterhead and ultimately Banchory where the Llamas await.


I wonder if they Bite
Hmmm Wonder if they bite?
Weather forecast a dusting of SNOW.

I am also happy to say that Mookie and I had a Looonnngggg talk the other day. Steph and the Gang Skyped a few times so all is well in my World. Now in Victoria ?

2 Puzzling Photos of my beloved K man and Lilly Z  and one absolutely GREAT photo.

OMG and its not even Halloween??
OMG and its not even Halloween??
Scary Kiddlers
Scary Kiddlers


Following in Mom and Granpa's footsteps
Following in Mom and Granpa’s footsteps

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for Rowie day in Aberdeen.





Author: Robby

Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.