Remembrance Day Goring By Sea Sussex 11/11/14

I am sorry I cannot Discover How to make these a Full Page….Must be getting on in age. A wet Windy Wonderful Memorial Service.

Now the laying of the wreaths at Goring on Sea. Despite Gale force winds and rain people showed up to honour Canada’s fallen. The senior official to attend was the Deputy Mayor of the city of Worthing  Michael Donin   a born and bred Canadian;

Also in attendance my old friend and fellow Veteran Paul Pereux a man whom I served with on Royal Flights and others while in 437(T) Sqn.

The lady that organised this ceremony Mrs Chris Vowles is the widow of Chris Vowles

The man who fought long and hard to have this monument erected and consecrated. Finally completed in 2013. He sadly passed away in September 2014. Bravo Zulu Chris and on behalf of Canadian veterans THANK YOU.

There were a couple of Canadians in the crowd and a retired Guardsman from the Coldstream Guards. His father was a Canadian Soldier during WW2 . A member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Poignantly he knew that Cpl Cirillo killed by the Jihadi Lunatic in Ottawa was from his Father’s Regiment.

Despite the rain and winds the ceremony was touching, a thank you to Padre Art Turnbull a Canadian Chaplain for the prayer of remembrance he wrote for this occasion. Thank You Padre and Brother Apprentice, fellow Army Cook.

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A Fast trip South to Sussex and Hampshire


Apologies for my tardiness: On Sunday 9 Nov (Remembrance Sunday in the UK)

we all jumped in the car, Toddy, Scooby, Sasha and I. Initial Destination the White House…… not the one Obama lives in but the home of IVO’s mother. A quaint home in olde worlde Winchester Hampshire. Home of the famous Winchester Cathedral

The Boys are anxious to go, but this was taken during the day on Saturday the 8th. We leave at 0500 Sunday in the Dark.
The Boys are anxious to go, but this was taken during the day on Saturday the 8th. We leave at 0500 Sunday in the Dark.
The Sun was still in Hiding
The Sun was still in Hiding

The Dark morning arrived, and

Off we went, the Sun rose in a red slash as we headed south. It is going to be a terrific drive. As we saw the Irish Sea on our right and moved onto the Motorway the sun was beaming.

The radio was on BBC they were discussing Remembrance day and it being 100 years since WW1 began. My thoughts drifted to friends and comrades that had passed, some far too soon. Apprentices Duke Collinson, Willi Roose, sprung to mind. As I remembered the fun we had as 16 year old boys in the Canadian Army. I became a wee bit maudlin and tearful at the waste of young lives. I gave thanks that I am still above the daisies. I gave thanks for my parents, friends and my family son Daughter and 7 grandkids. I tended to wonder what I have done right or wrong in my life?

The ceremony was beginning on the Beeb at 1030 and as I listened to the broadcaster and the music of Military bands, I thought of soldiers in my family My Grandfather George Rae Gordon Highlanders WW1, my Father Gunner Albert McRobb Royal Artillery WW2, My son Michael as an RCAF firefighter, and last by no means least My Battle hardened nephew Kevin Chisholm RCR and met tech. A man who battled in Bosnia and in Afghanistan. Proud soldiers all.

As the ceremony ended I heard the roar from the crowd and the applause for our Queen Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip at 93 one of our fewer remaining Veterans of WW2.

It was now time to pull of into the city of Winchester. This post would not be complete without a couple of photos of this beautiful Cathedral.

Winchester Cathedral so Proud So Beautiful
Winchester Cathedral so Proud So Beautiful
War Memorial Cenotaph

This Magnificent Structure Dates from 642 yes that is correct only 3 Digits

The ROSE Named “Rosa Winchester Cathedral”

Many Famous personages are buried here from Izaak Walton to Jane Austin.

Dropped of the Boys who were very excited seeing Ivo after  all these days.

Now Sasha and I head farther south to visit Paul and Allison and to Lay a Wreath at the Canadian Memorial in Goring By Sea.






Halloween….searching for Mary Queen of Scots Ghostly figure

Mary Stuart aka Mary Queen of Scots was born and lived a few miles from this sit. I popped over to Jedburgh to see her house.


31 Oct 2014 record temps in UK plus24.5C a great day for a visit
31 Oct 2014 record temps in UK plus24.5C a great day for a visit
Mary’s bath House

Mary 2 Mary 3 mary4-queen-of-scots-house mary5-queen-of-scots-house Mary8

A young Mary.

Is this the Throne Room???

Many a decision was made upon this Throne
Many a decision was made upon this Throne

When Mary was beheaded they made a death mask for posterity.

Death Mask 1587 of Queen Mary of Scotland
Death Mask taken 1587 after beheading.

With this in mind we returned to Hermitge castle where Mary is supposed to Haunt. What better night than Halloween oooohhhhh…….. It is a warm night.


No sitings in daylight/dusk
No sitings in daylight/dusk
Nov 1 022
Hounds not finding anything Spooky, go home have supper come back in full dark ooooohhh eeeee
Dark Clouds looming
Dark Clouds looming

Midnight   and it is so dark………………

At Last is this her apparition??? or a Photo Shop  he he he he  only Mary and I know for sure..
At Last is this her apparition??? or a Photo Shop he he he he only Mary and I know for sure..

When we got back to the cottage… an e mail from Irene at their latest house sit in Victoria..Not sure if she has turned Mel into a Cat… it is All Hallows Eve…..

Is this Mel???
Is this Mel???

Certainly has his Look…..