Woke up early fed the beasts and fowl as they say. Then checked e mails. Mel n Irene sent some photos of their visit to San Carlos Mexico.

Mel told me that he had gone deep sea fishing and that he caught a Marlin about 8 ft long and weighing 192 lbs. I said wow!! How did you know what it weighed if you never landed it…. He said   ” It had scales on the side ha ha ha ha ” funny man anyway I as a fisherman am jealous.

Melvin thinking how he is going to put the worm on the Hook…
HHhhhmmmm feels like a big un ! ! !
There it is???? looks like Nessie to me ha ha h a
After the Catch I am surprised he has not got his arms outstretched it was tHiiiissss Big.... Well done Amigo
After the Catch I am surprised he has not got his arms outstretched it was tHiiiissss Big…. Well done Amigo

Meanwhile back in Banchory time for a walk wee the dugs ( not a Typo that’s how they say Dog in these parts)

A Pair of Navigators
A Pair of Navigators

Brig  o  Feugh 002 Brig  o  Feugh 006 Brig  o  Feugh 008 Brig  o  Feugh 012 Brig  o  Feugh 007 Brig  o  Feugh 013 Brig  o  Feugh 014


Brig  o  Feugh 018
Thinking of heading back to Pilmuir

The welcome PARTY…..

Brig  o  Feugh 005 Brig  o  Feugh 004A hearty bowl of Cock a Leekie  (don’t tell the chickens)

Some great photos from Steph and Brad.

photo 4
I won I Won ! ! !
photo 3
Coming up FAST The K Man
photo 2
Passed her on Lap 99

photo 2 photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3

My Two Cuties  x x x x
My Two Cuties x x x x
Neat  Eyebrows
Neat Eyebrows




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