First Weekend on the Royal Deeside……Banchory

Hi Folks, well we have had our first week pass by in Sunny ( Snowless) Banchory all the wild weather seemed to be all around but not thankfully in Banchory or indeed Aberdeen. For anyone who has not seen this beautiful home on Google maps  here is the Link.,+Banchory,+Aberdeenshire+AB31+6LD/@57.0227852,-2.484379,3a,52.5y,354h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1seEnELnxOo9mW9tgFgj6FvA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x48842465ad6ceb09:0x4763a760a84ff43d!6m1!1e1

PilMuir Banchory 006


Sasha had made many friends here: Starting with Suzy.

Suzy  a rescue from the streets of Caracas. Much loved.
Suzy a rescue from the streets of Caracas. Much loved.
PilMuir Banchory 039
Suzy asking Sasha where Iyla is????
Sasha  ! ! ! !  I found Iyla
Sasha ! ! ! ! I found Iyla.

We also have Felines as well as Canines.

Saffron filling her tummy
Saffron filling her tummy
Kara was unsure about Sasha but now they get along so well
Kara was unsure about Sasha but now they get along so well.

Then there are the “Boys”

PilMuir Banchory 021
This Fella is Dennis

PilMuir Banchory 024 PilMuir Banchory 025

Butt   n   Ben
Butt n Ben

More to Follow  Chickens  More Sheep and 4 Ducks…..

Meanwhile Mel n Irene are in San Carlos Mexico

San Carlos (3)
Lady of Leisure
San Carlos (4)
Mel we can’t find a Starbucks Uh Oh! ! ! !

San Carlos (2)

Lovely Spot
Lovely Spot.


Sundown Romance:

Gosh darn beautiful
Gosh darn beautiful


48 hours reflections of 7 decades, Sasha and I in Aberdeen

Sometimes one needs to sit back and reload as they say. Well I left Bob’s house and headed to Aberdeen 2 free nights in the Holiday Inn Express Chapel St down town Aberdeen

We walked the streets people watching, and thinking of life and the What If’s.

What if my folks had decided not to immigrate way back then?? I noticed as we walked the old family neighbourhood that people all seemed to live within walking distance of one another. This makes sense, as cars , trams and buses were not everywhere as they are now.

What if we had stayed in Aberdeen, where would my life have been different? Would I have enlisted in the British Army, would I have earned my living as a cook? Who knows? I do know that in all probability my penmanship would have been much neater.

What if I had never met friends from Toronto, my Army days and my PMO days? as well as my days off shore in Saudi, Algeria, Azebaijan and Kazakstan to name but a few?

Well these questions simply cannot be answered, my Dad would have been 101 a short while back and My Mom would have been 95. I thank them for immigrating and giving. Georgie, Joey, Sandy, and Linda all the opportunities of life that Canada offered. I’d like to thank Mrs Mulroney and our former PM Brian Mulroney for placing heir trust in me.

Thanks to all that I met and worked with in far flung places.

Thank you to Alix for being the Mother of my 2 great Kids, Thanks to Mike and Stephanie for being such wonderful kids.

There are also some lifelong friends I must thank, Marilyn, Limey, Dave  to mention but a few.

So as we meander about Aberdeen, in weather that is great, no snow no rain plus 10,C, it is Great to be alive and well 70 plus years on from those beginnings at 19 Stevenson St, Aberdeen. 2 short blocks from this Holiday inn.

Today at the beach and looking at the Supply Ship parking spot awaiting their turn to go to the docks to load / unload.

ABERd 005 ABERd 004

Supply boats Off Shore
Supply boats Off Shore

A quiet beautiful beach at this time of year,

ABERd 016
A wave to say Thank you one and all who have contributed to my wonderful Life.

ABERd 006 ABERd 007 ABERd 008 ABERd 009 ABERd 010 ABERd 011 ABERd 012

Night Falls on Union St Aberdeen Lots of Christmas Spirit

Night has fallen on Union St
Night has fallen on Union St


Woke up to a nice dry day…..then opened the weather report????

The first full taste of icy winter weather is predicted to hit the UK
The first full taste of icy winter weather is predicted to hit the UK

The first full taste of icy winter weather is set to hit the UK this week.  

OH NO ! ! ! ! ! 

The Met Office has issued ice and snow warnings for parts of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, weather forecast service Meteo Group warned that conditions across the UK and Ireland will turn unsettled over the coming days as a deep area of low pressure forms in the North Atlantic, which will lead to a “powerful” storm.

Looking ahead to the coming week, a spokesman for the Met Office said: “We’re expecting the first real cold blast in these parts. We will see snow on the hills, and in the south of England perhaps some sleet and hail.”

Scotland will be the worst-affected region, with around 10cm or more of snow expected on the country’s mountains. The spokesman commented: “Across the tops of the Scottish mountains it will be pretty horrendous.”

According to the Met Office, snow is also expected today in the north of England and Northern Ireland, and in the northern and western parts of Wales, mainly in the mountains.

In the South West, the moors will experience wintry conditions, while the Midlands may see “a bit of sleet” at the beginning of the week.

The Met Office spokesman said it was too early to predict a White Christmas.

He added: “It does look as though the unsettled weather theme will continue, but we can’t really pin down any detail about the actual weather type on Christmas day itself. At this stage it’s still a long way away before we could give precise detail.”

Banchory Full Report

Today 2°C
Tomorrow 2°C
Tuesday 6°C
Wednesday 4°C
Thursday 3°C
 BUT…there is always a but, Banchory looks clear for the foreseeable week>
I hope this Google Link works for you to see the House we are taking over this week. Sasha and I will spend a month watching over the homestead. 3 Llamas, 14 Sheep, 10 ducks, 10 Chickens, 2 other dogs and 2 cats. The best part of the month will be when Paul and Allison come to visit for Hogmonay.,+Banchory,+Aberdeenshire+AB31+6LD/@57.0227852,-2.484379,3a,52.5y,354h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1seEnELnxOo9mW9tgFgj6FvA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x48842465ad6ceb09:0x4763a760a84ff43d!6m1!1e1
Stay tuned for reports from the North of Scotland.
After I looked at the so called weather prediction I received these photos from Irene n Mel. In my favourite city San Diego then today they leave for San Carlos Mexico.
IMG_4366 IMG_6171 IMG_6216 IMG_6228 IMG_6229