O M G have I died and gone to heaven????


Today I went to TESCO, a UK Loblaws type supermarket. Well for £ 2.00

I bought this yum yum. Eat your heart out Dominos, Boston and Pizza¬† Pizza, I have never seen this type of Pizza in Canada……

HAGGIS  PIZZA  eat your heart out Dominos
HAGGIS PIZZA eat your heart out Dominos

Accompanied by……..


Haggis Pizza 010

Haggis Pizza 012

Author: Robby

Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.