Post Cards from Florida………….Thanks Guys

Maureen, Irene, Neil, Pat

IMG_6743 IMG_6744 IMG_6745 IMG_6746

The Williams Clan , Melvin, Neil and Pat born and bred in London UK. or Derby.

The cool property in sunny Fort Meyers. with a Boat?? Temperature in Niagara area home of Pat and Neil . C 0  F 32                Temperature in Ft Meyers C 29    F 83

Which would you choose.

Ft Meyers (5)
What a Lovely Smile Melvin….
Ft Meyers (4)
Is That a SHARK or a Dolphin in the pool


Ft Meyers (1)
Much Warmer than home YAhhhhoooooo
Ft Meyers (2)
Melvin behind you…behind you or Mel taking a pic of Irene..taking a pic of Mel…taking a pic of Irene etc etc..
Ft Meyers (3)
What a great Setting


Melvin Found the closest Starbucks in Sunny Ft Meyers.

Success he found the local Starbucks
Success he found the local Starbucks





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