Sunday March First 2015

Here we are back at Dinleyhaughfoot in the Borders.

Sasha and I drove up on Thursday night, arriving about 0230 on Friday morning.

Bournemouth sit ended 5 weeks early as the owner of the house and dogs returned unexpectedly from Central America. She told us we were welcome to stay, but despite the fact we were to meet Chris and the Kids, Paul and Alison as well as a visit from 2 Cousins Myra and Rodney, the decision to return to this beautiful cottage in the Borders was made.

Reflecting on the drive up it was uneventful. I listen to the BBC talk shows or the Classical station while driving. I am amazed at the type of programs the Beeb puts on the radio discussions of varied interests. I laughed as I listened to the discussion on pets and why do people waste so much money on their animals. My answer to that is if you can you do. My Sasha is very important to me. I do not buy her various bits and pieces of human like clothing but I do treat her with the respect any canine deserves.

So I am not guilty of spending a lot of money on her BUT she is well fed and healthy and gives me her  unconditional LOVE.

On the classical side the brother of that famous detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is a DJ and TV Presenter John Suchet he plays all types of Clasical music including Military pieces.

Nevertheless I though I had seen everything a teenage couple were sitting at at picnic table smooching She was straddling him face to face and they were kissing furiously……..but the girl was also texting over his shoulder…ah the days of romance  ha ha ha ha.

My baby brother Joe mentioned that if I trimmed my beard the way he does we would look even more alike.


DH 007
I think I have more Chin than him???

In 2 days their is a big anniversary….. the Birthday of my one and only Darling Daughter, Roller Blader, Mama extraordinaire and my bestest friend.

Happy Birthday my darling Stephanie Virginia :

Happy Day My Scots BornQuinie x x x x
Happy Day My Scots Born  “Quinie”  x x x x
HAe a Guid One Steph
HAe a Guid One Steph
OMG my Mom is How Old ? ? ? ?
OMG my Mom is How Old ? ? ? ?
That's funny Lily, You really think she is HOW OLD? ? ? ??  Ha Ha
That’s funny Lily, You really think she is HOW OLD? ? ? ?? Ha Ha  Love ya Mom x x x x x  x x