Grand Canyon and Jerome AZ

We all know that I love the desert, the landscape, the heat etc.I think now we have a new devotee Irene who would like to return to Northern AZ one day. Way ta go Irene

Irene and Mariana on a new HIGH ! !!
A hard climb to this Church
” The Hills are alive with the sound of music”
The Ukie Duet singing about the Hulls.
Now That is a long way Down.
Two beauties adding to Mother Natures Beauty.
I wonder if there is an ECHooooooo


How Old????
Blue Skies above the Red ground.

Jerome AZ a snap of the olde West. I grew up watching Cowboy Movies. What a lovely wee town.

Jerome AZ (2)
Hmmmm did he drop his hair of for a trim??? No the Old Goat still has his own….jealous he he he
Jerome AZ (5)
O M G no Starbucks in Sight…..

Jerome AZ (1) Jerome AZ (3) Jerome AZ (4)


Arizona Turistas…..

Now   I am jealous, I absolutely love the desert lifestyle..The Houses, the weather and the Roadrunners evading Wiley Coyote

Mel n Irene are settled in the new sit in Prescott Arizona. Who knows God willing and the creek don’t rise I will be there winter of 17/18 sitting.

Here ya go some more pics from Mel’s personal Photographer…….Irene who keeps the photo journal of their adventures housesitting Globally.


Sisters enjoying the Arizona Sunshine. Irene and marianna

IMG_7119 IMG_7122 IMG_7136 IMG_7143

Then it was a trip to Watson Lake no not the Watson Lake in the Yukon but the southern one…….

Mel n Irene looking Good…But he is wondering where is the Starbucks???
SMILES abound in the Sunny South
Watson Lake Arizona
Where’s the Beach?

Now for a different Watson Lake ….Watson Lake Yukon



BIG Hole in the ground Flagstaff Arizona

Mel n Irene are settle in Prescott and sent  these photos of  the Crater in Winslow AZ.


Hmmm no Starbucks Cup in his hand???
Hmmm no Starbucks Cup in his hand???

Had I known Mel liked to visit Craters there is a huge one called “The Devils Punchbowl”  which we passed enroute to Heathrow. last Sept.

Nevertheless these craters are amazing wherever one visits them.

Crater (3)
I love the barren Landscape
Crater (2)
Irene what is the Window frame for??
Crater (1)
WOW can you imagine if a meteorite landed in a modern city Toronto NYC etc

This is a good read: