Southdean Manse 1795 what a beautiful sit

What a beautiful setting at this sit. In the hills overlooking the Border between Scotland and England. The house is a Manse first built and occupied in 1795……and I thought I was old. Here are a few shots of the exterior and the new dogs we are watching over.

Southdean 2 030
Southdean Manse from the driveway
Southdean 2 029
The addition of a sunny conservatory South Facing


Southdean 2 028
The Front Door of the original house. The Bay windows were added 1890

The owner of the house is a world famous artist Issy Tennent Her studio is in the old servants quarters.

Southdean 2 027 Southdean 2 026 Southdean 2 025 Southdean 2 024 Southdean 2 023 Southdean 2 022 Southdean 2 021 Southdean 2 020 Southdean 2 019 Southdean 2 018

Check out her website and articles:

Gilded Pleasures: A collection by Tennant & Tennant

Meanwhile back outside;

Southdean 2 015
Original Stone fences surrounds the property
Southdean 2 014
Water Buffalo from Indonesia
Southdean 2 016
Studio Door


Southdean 2 017
Studio Wing formerly staff quarters for the Manse and farm.

When you enter the Tack room  CANADA springs out ???

Southdean 2 008
The saddles are not for the Moose or the dogs The Horsies are down the road boarding at a stable.

Southdean 2 012 Southdean 2 010

Last but by no means least for this page the Hounds:

Southdean Manse 018
No wonder this wee guy is climbing the walls.
Southdean Manse 011
The K-9 Couch


Southdean Manse 010
Ahhhh Life at the Manse so relaxing
Southdean Manse 009
This is “Shmall”
Southdean Manse 006
This is “Wrinkles”
Southdean Manse 005
This is the baby 18 months “Twiglet”

Southdean Manse 008