On the Road again > > > > Mel n Irene heading for Kelowna.

After a few weeks R & R at Marianas home in Victoria, it’s back on the Trans Canada for a summer filled with new house sits. Destination Kelowna BC ; Mel n Irene are off on a summer sitting in beautiful BC starting of watching over “Chai”  no  not a cup of Tea but a hound dog.  As you will see in the following travel pics  Irene has a smile a mile wide. I think she really loves house and pooch sitting, meeting new folks, new animals and travelling with her fella.

summer 2015 (6)
Brekkie in Summerland BC
summer 2015 (5)
Beautiful BC Lake
summer 2015 (4)
Feet Up relaxed
summer 2015 (1)
Melvin did you chase the Quackers away??
summer 2015 (2)
summer 2015 (7)
Meet ” Chai”

I wonder if Chai knows that Mel prefers Latte’s


IMG_7645 IMG_7644 IMG_7639


Pics from Irene…..

Where in Scotland is this castle???
Where in Scotland is this castle???
Hatley Castle Victoria BC
Hatley Castle Victoria BC


Hatley Castle

If the castle looks familiar to you, it could be because you’ve seen it on TV or in the movies. For over 75 years, directors, film crews, and photographers have been drawn to the beauty of Hatley Park, and have chosen this location for over 33 major motion pictures. If you’re lucky, something might be filmed while you are on visiting.

The castle is a magnificent 40-room replica of a 15th century Edwardian castle. The grand family home was frequented by socialites, gentlemen farmers, business leaders, and visiting royalty. Ishiburo Kishida designed the Japanese Gardens that add another level of beauty to Hatley Park.

Mel n Irene are playing Tourist in Victoria, before heading out to house sit again. These pics are from the Art in the Park Day at Royal Roads.

IMG_7446 IMG_7449 IMG_7458 IMG_7460

Royal Roads is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Which goes to show ya that beauty begins at home.

Looking forward to your next sit guys enjoy your holiday.

Mother’s day (Canada)

Mother’s day (Canada)

In the UK mothering Sunday was last month, but today is the North American day to celebrate our mom’s.

MY Mom was a fun loving, kind, musical person. Hard working to say the least I do not remember a time when my Mom was simply a Housewife.

Mom and Dads First home before George and I were Born.
Mom and Dads First home before George and I were Born.

She and ma Da raised 5 of us. In her honour I am trying to complete todays Blog in Doric.

Ma mither was born in Aiberdeen Dec 08, 1919. She entered a family of ma nanny and Dan 2 older sisters Jeannie and Jemina (Jean and Ina) a 4th sister arrived a few years later Kathie.

Mam travelled to Canada in 1927 with her family, my granopa was seeking a new life for them a.

In 1937 for some reason they returned to aiberdeen less ma aunties Jean and Ina who had married in Canada.

War came along that fateful Sept in 1939. Ma worked in the munitions plant, the soapworks and a myriad of tasks that the women folk took on as their men were away. My mam and dad married on Rabbie Burns Day 1941.

I came along in Jan of 1944 at 19 Stevenson St…..

Ma Mam and me  circa 1944
Ma Mam and me circa 1944
Stevenson St Circa 196


Fast forward through Georgie, Joey, Sandra, Linda.

My ma was a guid cook and I learned a lot from her. Being back here in Scotland, I have eaten Haggis Pizza, haggis pudding, mealie pudding and pease pudding as well as mince n tatties. Cullen skink and yella fish in milk stovies not quite as good as what I remember from ma mither.

When I came home to Aiberdeen in 1963 ma folks hadna been back since 1950. my mam asked me to pick up a wew ashet for her..(Careful how you say Ashet)

I bought een and sent it to her, I think was da was happiest of all to have mam make an ashet pie in Toronto/

This is a new ashet
This is a new ashet

In memory of mam I give you a picture of the one Sasha and I shared.

This Is The Scottish Name For A Steak Pie, And I DO NOT Mean Those Minuscule, Tasteless Things You Buy In The Supermarket. This Is The Kind Of Steak Pie That Mothers, Grandmother’s made.

mmmmm smell that Angus Beef
mmmmm smell that Angus Beef

A Happy mother’s day mom you are missed.

Sasha and I do not eat as well this every day I have found recently the Scots version of Kraft Dinner mmmmmmmmmm   I love it.

The food of the Gods.
The food of the Gods.