On the Road again > > > > Mel n Irene heading for Kelowna.

After a few weeks R & R at Marianas home in Victoria, it’s back on the Trans Canada for a summer filled with new house sits. Destination Kelowna BC ; Mel n Irene are off on a summer sitting in beautiful BC starting of watching over “Chai”  no  not a cup of Tea but a hound dog.  As you will see in the following travel pics  Irene has a smile a mile wide. I think she really loves house and pooch sitting, meeting new folks, new animals and travelling with her fella.

summer 2015 (6)
Brekkie in Summerland BC
summer 2015 (5)
Beautiful BC Lake
summer 2015 (4)
Feet Up relaxed
summer 2015 (1)
Melvin did you chase the Quackers away??
summer 2015 (2)
summer 2015 (7)
Meet ” Chai”

I wonder if Chai knows that Mel prefers Latte’s


IMG_7645 IMG_7644 IMG_7639


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