Reflections on first Anniversary of House/pet sitting

How time flies ? ?  It is now a year since Sasha and I said so long to Steph, Brad and the kiddlers in sunny Victoria. Bid friends farewell and off we went via Air Canada to explore the UK and the land of my birth.

Here in Scotland I have voted twice, once on the referendum and once in the UK election. We have met up with many cousins 2 from my Mom’s side  Myra and Rodney as well as three of the four boys on my Dad’s side. Alister, Albert and Tommy.

Still waiting to meet up with another branch of cousins from my Dad’s brother George.

I also returned the ashes of Alix McRobb mother of my son and daughter to her hometown and re united her with her parents and family. I thought this was fitting as I took Alix away from the Broch in 1965 and returned her just short of a 1/2 century in time.

During these house sits, we have had many experiences, met some great people and also varied animals. Not just dogs n cats but Llamas, Sheep, Ducks n Chickens. I feel like I am living in a James Herriot book.

Sasha has been a wonderful travelling companion and she makes friends wherever we travel too.

I could never have wished for a more perfect travelling friend.

So now as we once again sit at Dinleyhaughfoot in the Borders, in preparation for our 18-24 month sit in Banchory I reflect. That’s a POSH word for thinking  ha ha ha ha .

I relate to this wee one:

Think we will name this one Robby
Think we will name this one Robby
Blackie 002
Robby  Resting
Robby Resting

It has been a great year, next day Blog  its all about F O O D !!! Stick with me as I try to add a page…….



Update of my Spring in Scotland

I have seen the newborn lambs, have bottle fed the new arrivals at Pilmuir. I cannot describe the peaceful happiness that new lambs bring to one. Holding these delicate creatures in my arms, I think back to my youth when all I ever wanted was to be a veterinary surgeon. However fate an School marks were agin me.

So my love for all animals continues. I have read all of James Herriots books, walked every episode of all creatures great and small. So I was very fortunate indeed to obtain the long sit in Banchory. Where I look after the Llamas, sheep, ducks, chickens, pullets and of course the pair of dogs and cats. To quote an old phrase it is like I have died and gone to heaven. Caring for these creatures makes me feel a wee bit like Dr Doolittle. Only without the singing. ( Do not want to scare my charges )

Here is my first attempt at a selfie while bottle feeding one of the twins that were 2 days old.

lambies 007  lambies 015

Yup its me
Yup its me

Spring also affects the Swine Clan: Not under my care but I stop by and say hello.

oink  oink
oink oink
eeny  meent  miny Mo
eeny meent miny Mo

Mmmmmmm Bacon, Pulled Pork, Crackling so many meaty dishes. I may be a hypocrite in some way as my love and caring for animals does not entice me to become a Vegetarian nor Vegan.

On Sunny Scots mornings I sit and enjoy my morning coffee outside while Sasha and Susy explore checking for foreigners ie:rodents, rabbits and squirrels.

Sasha leads as Suzy brings up the rear.
Sasha leads as Suzy brings up the rear.
Nothing Beats A fresh Brew in a great cup
Nothing Beats A fresh Brew in a great cup

I am absolutely in Love with the country of my Birth, returning here is the best thing I have done in Years.