Me and Cell Phones ….or is it Cell Phones and I ??

Whichever is correct, the fact is me n phones are not meant to be. In the past month I have lost 2 phones with new sim cards, 2 phones my cousin Alistair gave me, well somehow one gave up the Ghost. The phone I brought from Canada Cannot be unlocked  at 2 different unlocking stores? Arrrrhgghhh

Is it Old Age or just a lack of understanding with a cellular phone. It does not even have to be a SMART phone. I lose even dumb phones. Or is the fact that I am dumb with modern phones that take photos, retain contact lists and listen to you as you speak?

I have almost made up my mind to forget about having a Cell phone. SKYPE works great and is Free.

The Culprits:

Phone  or PHONEY
Phone or PHONEY

Author: Robby

Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.