The Borders, Death, Ageing and a New Gamekeeper

Always look on the Bright side….a pair of grand UK Comics

I watched an absolutely wonderful documentary last evening. It was Billy Connolly hosting a Documentary on Death, ” Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off ”

He made it in 2014 just after he had received, in his words a double dose of bad news. He was diagnosed in the same week with both prostate cancer and early onset Parkinson’s. As an iconic Scots Comedian he treated both of these with his comic genius. I would heartedly recommend this documentary to one and all. Whether you are afraid of death or not. Many people do not like to discuss death especially their own.

I have always felt comfortable with death probably because it is inevitable. I do wish to be a 100 as previously written. I do feel comfortable that my kids both are aware of my wishes. I pray that they will be respected.

In the documentary, Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame) said that he too prays his family will respect his wishes. If you get a chance to view the program please do I am sure you will be impressed, with Billy’s presentation.

Always look on the Bright side....a pair of grand UK Comics

Good new/bad news today:  His Cancer is in remission  but he can no longer play Guitar nor his beloved Banjo.

This was a revue:

The other program that made an impression on me was…..100 Year Old Drivers ride again. Quite a program here is the revue which covers it far better than I.

I guess this past week was about ageing and passing. All in all I have had a great week and Sasha has met the new gamekeeper here in the Borders.

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