Mel n Irene said farwell to Kelowna…… Sasha and I say Farewell to the Borders

Our Fabulous Year in the Borders

Our journey to the Borders began in April 2015, when we received our first two sits through Trusted House Sitter. They straddled Hadrian’s wall, Wark Northumberland and Dinleyhaugh Foot nr Hawick 36 miles by Google Roads or as the crow flies 24 miles.

So near yet so far as the saying goes.

The story of the past year started in Victoria BC. After meeting Cheryl Thomas the previous Christmas she led me to the site. So happy that she wanted to speak with Sasha. Thanks again my girl.

My good friend Jack Kelly explained to me over a coffee where I was going. The city of Hawick is definitely not to be pronounced HAW—-WICK but rather as HOIK as the local dialect rules.

Jack had started his life adventures in the Borders, born and Bred in Galashiels.

Sasha and I boarded that early flight from Victoria, thanks to a drive from my Darling Daughter Stephanie. We jetted off to London Heathrow to start our year of adventure, learning and chilling.

After the kerfluffle at Heathrow dog arrivals. We took the rental and drove South to Ports mouth. Where the following day we met up with old friend Chris Cassimer, who had purchased a car for us.

I left Sasha in care of Iyla and Gwen Chris’s daughters as I drove off to Normandy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D Day. The year of my Birth 1944.

In  Fareham Hampshire1944 Canadian Troops overwhelmed
Iyla and Gwen with Sasha


Upon return to the UK I picked up Sasha and we headed to London enroute to Wark. In London we met the couple that wished us to sit after Wark. Ivo and Ann Mari and their 2 lovely hounds Toddy and Scooby.

We hit it off immediately it was one of those instantaneous bondings.

Now we are enroute to a Hill Farm in Wark. What a drive from the Highway to the farm cottage Uphill over ruts and gravel just under a mile and through 4 gates.


IMG_3299 (2)
Mel and Irene came to Visit for a few days after their stint in Oxford, we walked Hadrians wall and Mel (being a Limey and all) , we made a peace pact over the wall. Ha Ha Ha .


Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory

The 3 hounds, and 2 cats made us welcome and we settled in. Our FIRST housesit.


Sasha  says  so long as well see ya ?? ? ?
Sasha says so long as well see ya ?? ? ?

After 3 weeks the couple returned from sailing the Orkney isles and Sasha and I headed North to Dinleyhaugh foot. A short drive and we were there.

Self Explanatory


Dinleyhaugh Foot
He seemed oblivious of us at the window.
He seemed oblivious of us at the window.

Hermitage Castle being the nearest neighbour, we had an eye out for Mary Queen of Scots who supposedly haunts this castle.

This entry is only about the Borders as I started to Digress. The Borders are very interesting Historically. Home of the Turnbull clan, The Maxwell Clan and Maxwell Castle

Scotland’s most southerly defence against the dreaded English.

All in all we have made some wonderful friends met some wonderful people. Shared tales of life, loves and history.

Here are a few of the Dogs that Sasha has become pals with, in the Borders.

Scooby Doo  (RIP)  faithful Hound
Scooby Doo ( R I P Faithful Hound)
Toddy My Hero
Toddy My Hero
Schmall  and Twiglet
Schmall and Twiglet
Sasha  Toddy  Finn
Sasha Toddy Finn


As we prepare to fold up our tent once more and head North to Royal Deeside for the next 2 years.

To the people of the Borders “Thanks for the Memories”








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