The Week that was………

On Friday, I drove from Dinleyhaughffot to Carlisle station with Toddy, Finn and Sasha. We were meeting Ann Mari and Ivo. We did this successfully and when we reached Dinley. I transferred to my car and drove over to Southdean for my next stay. I was to pick up 3 dogs the following day at Bonchester Bridge from Emma. Keep them all 8 (including Sasha) at Southdean till Issy and family returns. Yahoooo I was going to take some great photos of the entire gang,2 lurchers a whippet, 2 greyhounds a Dalmation , Border Collie and Sasha an interesting mix of K-9s.

On the Saturday morning I drove into Carlisle once more before heading to pick up Emma’s dogs.

This done we drive the 3 miles to Issie’s. Coming up a hill the car died. ( First time a breakdown in my Trusty Toyota) The Clutch had gone where I do not know but no longer operating. No cell phone, but a cottage a 100 yards or so. I used their phone called the RAC for a yow. After an hour 1/2 they arrived Loaded the cars and dogs onto the tow trailer and took me the 1/2 mile to Southdene. I unloaded the dogs and the driver took my car to Newcastleton Garage 26 Miles. Now I am here with 8 dogs no phone no transport. Thank God for Skype.

More to follow… oh yes I left the camera in my car hence no photos?