Catch up 3

End of Jan and into Feb. Mookie had his 49th Birthday one to go Mook then you will be 1/2 Century…does that make me O L D ?

Mel n Irene are sitting in Gabriola looking after a B&B. Irene tells me that the cook is none other than Melvin…….I knew he would make it one dayIMG_0359

My best Pal Melvin a handsome chappy but rather scruffy as a cook LoL. Way ta go amigo.

Sasha and I were finally cleared by Interpol to carry out duties as a Pet Therapy Canine:

Sash in her working Uniform.
Sash in her working Uniform.

We have since being licensed visited old folks homes in Aboyne and Laurenckirk. It is so gratifying to see the sparkle in their eyes when they see Sasha. Naturally as everyone makes a fuss of her she loves it as well.

Next week and the week after we will be with 6 other Therapy dogs at the exam area of Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen.¬†We will be in one hall with the dogs as students who are sitting the exam may pat and cuddle the dogs to relax them before before writing their exam.

Sasha also Celebrated her 12th Birthday, she was upset when I told her she was 84 in Dog years.


Sasha Birthday 12 017

Sasha Birthday 12 007

Jasmine the cat also tried to give her reading lessons for her Birthday as she relaxed.

SashaSofa1 003
Read Carefully DAWG ! ! !


Sash Sofa 003
grrrrr I ignore your laws ha ha ha

This about takes up to March which it currently is.So as promised We will add each and evry week at least one Blogeroo.


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