M..n..L in Mesa once again, Veterans Breakfast Club Banchory


Hello gang,

Here are a few pics of their place in   Mesa Arizona

Yyyeeee  hhhhaaaaaaawww

Mesa 2016 (1)
Melvin’s true persona? ? ? ? Fresh Grapefruit, I thought it was supposed to be a Coconut Bra.
Mesa 2016 (2)
Where is the TAN Amigo?
Mesa 2016 (3)
Looks inviting but more than likely to cool less than a 100 F ha ha ha

Well Mel n Irene are in Mesa Arizona. Land of Sunshine. We are hoping to skype later this week for an update.

Here on the banks of the River Dee, I have re joined the Royal Scottish Legion. They have a Veterans breakfast on the first Sunday of each month. It is a great meeting of al sweats lot’s of banter between the different branches. I have had the chance of meeting up with men and women of all the services including the infamous Royal Commandos. A fair sprinkling of Gunners, sailors and RAF types. 2 Canadians my self and a retired Military Police woman Carol Hutton. Whos’ Mom lives on Dallas road. It is indeed the proverbial small world.

This past Sunday was the first anniversary of Veterans Breakfast club. So naturally a Cake was in order….being the only Army Cook member I decorated the cake.

The BLANK Canvass


The Build
The Build
VB 009
Adding the badges ( modern technique rice Paper Prints)


Almost completed
Almost completed.
Toutes Le Gang
The Gang searching for their Cap Badge ( sadly I forgot the RAF) next time Guaranteed
VB 016
Designated Carver Left Side Carol Hutton of Victoria BC
The WHole Gaggle
The Whole Gaggle


A great Sunday Breakfast with Comrades in Arms.