The Wonders of SKYPE

As Sasha and I have been in Scotland for a year and a bit. I must admit to being a Skype addict.  The wonders of the Cyber World Free calls anywhere on the Globe. From my Daughter, Steph and my grandkids Koan and Princess Lily, To old buddy Georgie Girling calling from Ho Chi Minh City. Then naturally my best buddy Melvin George Edwin Williams  aka “Limey” and his spouse Irene. Skype from their various house sitting adventures. Skyping is a great way of keeping up with family & friends.

Yesterday I had a very long Skype with Limey and Irene. They showed me on Skype one of the dogs they were watching “Chip” by name, fetching the paper. What a lovely dog.

Here are a few pics of Chip getting the paper.

Down to the Drive way in Sunny North Vancouver
Back up the stairs….what is he thinking????
Here’s the daily news Irene…where is my treat???
Chip’s pal saying c’mon c’mon treats are this way Yummm Yummm Yummm.

Great dogs. Sadly Mel n Irene are now heading out of North Vancouver to Gabriola Island and the good old B&B.

But First Things First FIND A STARBUCKS. I am sure he has an app onn his phone to locate even the most remote Starbucks
Success he found it and it has FREE WiFi wonder if he is Skyping me???
Approaching the Ferry Termius
What a beautiful peaceful setting to wait for the Ferry.

You guys enjoy your next sit , and please do let me know how the wedding party brekkie went. Safe journey my friends.


Author: Robby

Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.