I am not waxing Political, just sharing a memory or two…

Today I read of our young PM Justin Trudeau and his wife taking a day break on the trip to Japan. I am definitely not a fan of Trudeau or his party of Liberal hacks. BUT I do understand the need for a break from the Protocols etc of a state Visit.

Who should care if the current PM takes a break to celebrate his wedding Anniversary. No One that is who.

Anyway after reading that I got to thinking about my last trip to Japan. Then out of the BLUE I received an email from my Cribbage playing Amigo. Bill McCarthy.

22 May 2016. Life comes full circle … again. Adam boards a plane today for Japan with the PM. 27 years ago today I

    Bill's Baggage Tag
Bill’s Baggage Tag

was boarding a plane to Dakar – Brussels with My PM. (27? Adam just turned 27). Adam is Bill and Annamaria’s son. Currently Photographer to PM Justin Trudeau.

My memories of Dakar came flooding back. A local Senegalese Policeman standing guard in the hallway just outside the Prime Minister’s suite. He had the obligatory wrap around sun glasses on and was sound asleep standing up?? A feat that I thought impossible until that time. At the conference centre a Senegalese Police man sitting on a plastic Coca Cola crate. Ejecting rounds from his 9mm into the sand then picking them up and reinserting them  hmmmm wonder if the weapon would fire or Jam.

21 May 1991 I was boarding a plane with My PM to Hong Kong – Japan. (I was 33) This year we celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary.

Once again Bill has his tag
Once again Bill has his tag

Buddy Hazel and Junior my little Moose. They were my constant travelling companions. In hotel rooms around the world i’d leave them on a window sill,taking in the views. Returning to my room each evening i never knew what to expect. They might be tucked into my bed, in my pajama pockets, in the pockets of the House Coat hanging on the door in the bathroom, peeking out of a dresser drawer. Sitting on a pillow watching TV. I wish i had more photos of what the chamber maids did with these three.

Here are Buddy Hazel and Junior in Tokyo 1991 and as they are today here in Kyiv! I wonder if Spot will be on the plane today?

Spot is the mascot that Adam Travels with. He is certainly his Father’s son.

The family in JAPAN
                                                                         The family in JAPAN

I do believe they were MOOSENAPPED in Tokyo ?

I had such a sore back, and was pleasantly surprised when the female staffers chipped in and had a masseuse come to my room to give me a massage…….Oh it was fantastic. Even the masseuse was a tiny lady of indeterminate age. She was a strong as an Ox as the saying goes.

Ah sweet memories of a great time with a great Boss.

The Family retired in Kyiv
                                     The Family retired in Kyiv

Thanks Bill for some great memories and well done on Adam followi ng in his Dad’s Footsteps.

Canada is very Lucky.




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