Linda and a Question with Mr 4T in Bonnie Scotland

The Gothic Couple in Pilmuir

Farming Folk or as they say in Aberdeen Teuchter folk
Farming couple  or as they say in Aberdeen Teuchter folk

My baby sister and Hubby Bob who will now be referred to as Mr 4T actually the full title is The Honourable Mr 4T.This entry may take a day or two as I wait for photos from Bob ooooppsss Mr 4 T. He took so many photos on their Italian Trip and in their short visit to Pilmuir.

Here are few starter pics of Pilmuir and the Beach at Aberdeen.

Koan leads the Flock with Lily as back up
Koan leads the Flock with Lily as back up.
The Local Laird wi his beasties
The Local Laird wi his beasties
A WINDY but SUnny Day at Aberdeen Beach
A WINDY but SUnny Day at Aberdeen Beach picking BUCKIES

Some of Mr 4T’s animal Photos

 Jacob's Sheep
Jacob’s Sheep
 Hairy Harry
Hairy Harry
Harry's Gang ready to back him up
Harry’s Gang ready to back him up
 Ram-a-Lam-a-Ding Dong
Ram-a-Lam-a-Ding Dong

Please come back as there will be many photos on this entry and I will also explain Linda’s Question and the reason for Mr 4T

Castles and Stonehaven Visit;

 Craithes Castle Banchory
Craithes Castle Banchory
 Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle

Unfortunately Mr4T got his days mixed up the Queen was not home for Tea.

 A very picturesque Stonehaven Harbour
A very picturesque Stonehaven Harbour
Big Brother and Baby Sister looking over the Homestead. In the Doric language of Aberdeen Al mannie and Quiney watching the sheep.
Big Brother and Baby Sister looking over the Homestead. In the Doric language of Aberdeen                                 Al mannie and Quiney  coontin the beasties

Now to the question my Baby Sister posed to me. I am supposed to be the knowledgable one by age at least are you????  Ready here is THE Question;

What is the National Animal of SCOTLAND?    Stag, Eagle, Salmon wee moose fae Burns epic tome. NOPE she said answer Below>>>>>>>>>

>>>>> The UNICORN >>> Believe it or Not
>>>>> The UNICORN <<<<<                                                         
                                                                Believe it or Not

In the Castlegate Gate Square in Aberdeen stands the oldest (former) Post Office in Aberdeen, What is atop it…..a Unicorn.


To end the story of this puzzling question. Over the past weekend I asked about 40 Scots of all ages only one KNEW the correct answer a Painter from Benbecula?

More on Mr4T coming enjoy…………………………………..



Are you READY  to meet The Honourable Mr 4T.

Bob Chisholm my Favourite Brother in Law, found out that CLAN Chisholm has not one Tartan but 4 hence the 4T. I as a McRobb had to admit that no we do not have a family Tartan but as a sept of the McFarlane’s we may wera there Tartan. So here is brief history of the Chisholm Clan:

Chisholm Hunting Ancient Tartan   chisholm-hunting-ancient-10oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg

The Chisholm Hunting Ancient tartan is predominantly orange, green and white. The name Chisholm is from a Norman French word “chese” meaning “to choose” and the Saxon word “holm” meaning “meadow. They became established first in the county of Roxburgh in the Border area of Scotland and the earliest record of the name is John de Chesehelme who is mentioned in a letter from Pope Alexander IV in 1254. John de Chesolm from Berwick and Richard de Chesolm from Roxburgh both signed the Ragman Rolls of King Edward I in 1296 and were two of 2,000 landowners and clergy to do so. The seal used by Richard shows the head of a boar which is part of the family coat of arms to this day.

Chisholm Hunting Modern Tartan chisholm-hunting-Modern-10oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg


Chisholm Red Ancient Tartan Chisholm-Ancient--8oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg

 Chisholm Red Modern Tartan     chisholm-Modern-10oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg

The Chisholm Red Modern tartan is predominantly red, black and white. According to legend, two Chesolm brothers saved the life of one of the Scottish kings in the 14th century and were granted land in Inverness-shire. Certainly, Sir Robert Chisholm was appointed constable of Urquhart Castle in 1359 but that was in succession to his maternal grandfather. His younger son remained as chief of the Chisholms in the Borders. A son of the Borders line established the Chisholms of Cromlix in Perthshire. Alexander, Sir Robert Chisholm’s eldest son, married Mary of Erchless and Comar. Erchless Castle became the seat of the Chisholm’s and remained so for 500 years until the early 19th century.

Now you have it Lady Linda has married many years ago to an Honourable Gentleman of Means with 4 Tartans.



Sasha moves on to Aberdeen University founded in 1495

No Folks that is not an error in date. This wonderful University was founded in 1495. Located in the fringes of Old Aberdeen just of King Street the street where my father was born.

Kings College Church stands proudly on the grounds:

Sasha in Contemplation
                                                          Sasha in Contemplation
Meeting up with the GANG.
                                                               Meeting up with the GANG.
         The Queen in all her Glory
                                                                   The Queen in all her Glory
The petting continues  ahhh Sasha falls asleep
                                                   The petting continues ahhh Sasha falls asleep

The distressing of Students apparently works very well. In speaking with second and third year students who had attended de stressing venues before, all agreed that they felt better after petting the dogs.

Now we await the arrival of Linda and Bob at Pilmuir YAHOOOOOOOO ! !  ! ! !