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What to offer my guests for their FIRST meal in Scotland? Haggis n Neeps, Cullen Skink hmmmm decisions decisions.

What better than a Haggis n Mealie Pudding accompanied by Ostrich Steaks.
What better than a Haggis n Mealie Pudding accompanied by Ostrich Steaks.

Both Craig and Marilyn emptied their plates before I told them, what we had for supper. VERDICT Ostrich is Tender.

Now the tour guiding begins for Sasha and I. C&M visited Crathes Castle


Catching up on their Jet Lag coutesy of West Jet. Next day feeling refreshed and full of Vim and Vinegar it was off to my Favourite Ruin Dunnottar Castle. The steps  number 266 down and the same on return no place for a weary traveller.

A great view but deceiving?
A great view but deceiving?

The following pics need no words, down then up, then down, then back up again.

Is Craig Counting the Steps??


Part way down Great View
Starting up the other side
Marilyn and Craig dots at the Bottom
Marilyn and Craig dots at the Bottom.
Returning duo
Returning duo having a breather.

IMG_6453 IMG_6452

A great  visit but a weary one….http://www.dunnottarcastle.co.uk/location.cfm

Continued later……………………………..

LATER:  Both Craig and Marilyn thoroughly enjoyed their first ever bowl of Cullen Skink  no not SkUnk Skink. A hearty delicious Smoked fish Chowder with tatties n ingins.

Where to next? well Craig the Golfer wanted to see The Donald’s Golf course in Aberdeen so off we went.

The Donald's Sign Post
The Donald’s Sign Post
Whatever do you mean? Prices are not that bad a round of Golf in any weather will cost you only £ 215.. my car did not cost me that much?

FYI. The menu in the restaurant  £ 13.00 for macaroni and cheese ( I wonder if they use:

Canada's Favourite
Canada’s Favourite or at least mine.

It was really wonderful to play tour guide with these guys and believe it or not I saw many places I had never been to before. I will now attempt another page or you will be scrolling to China. see Page 2



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