Peace and Tranquility in Pilmuir

Many friends and  members of my family have asked me many times…..are you happy?  are you Okay???  the answer a resounding YES. Here are a few pics of a quiet day in Pilmuir. Not in any particular order .

IMG_6561 IMG_6556 IMG_6553 IMG_6548 IMG_6546 IMG_6529 IMG_6511 IMG_6569 IMG_6507 IMG_6509 IMG_6523 IMG_6516 IMG_6515 IMG_6513 IMG_6530 IMG_6535 IMG_6540 IMG_6545

What is not to LIKE about this beautiful House and area.


Author: Robby

Entered this world 69 years ago today. I am now entering my 7th Decade. Starting with a trip back to the middle East with a boyhood friend from Peterhead Scotland. Bobby Bruce I have 2 hard working Children and 7 grand children. I am proud of all of them, and their life partners.