RV16 Farewell to the RCASC Apprentice Association

This was a Bitter Sweet reunion Bitter because it meant saying good bye to men I will never see again…SWEET because the years may have flown by, but we all reverted to 16 at the meet and Greet. It was great to meet up with my Old Platoon Leaders Charlie Simmons and Ray Imhof, also my first Cpl storesman Paul Flug as well as former Pl Officer Bob Baxter and CO Major Duncan ( Ret.Col )

Many feloow apprentices showed up and a whole gaggle of Depot guys and Corps retreads. I was especially happy to see Ray WIllis all the way from Tauranga NZ and Jim Dawson from the boonies of Madoc Plus many many more to many to  write a nominal role.

One sad part of the reunion was the fact that my platoon mate and friend of 6o years Dave Maxwell was enroute from Wisconsin> he stayed at his daughters in Welland and was heading out the following day to meet up in Borden. He had a massive heart attack and happily he survived and is now home. Dave we missed your smile at the bash. Take care and get well soon.

So many Photos I have reduced it to a few:

RSM Biff McCormack (Depot Coy) and CO Bob Baxter (Apprentice 56/58 guided our parade of older fellas.
RSM Biff McCormack (Depot Coy) and CO Bob Baxter (Apprentice 56/58)  guided our parade of older fellas.


That’s this one for now I leave my buddies with this tune  that was Bob Hopes theme tune….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Owr4iBctU

See y’all at the Big RV in the sky one day.


Summer time in Victoria Yahooooo….

It was a wonderful if short visit to Victoria.

before I begin I have to ask a Serious Coffee buddy, Cheryl Mckercher  to send me her snail mail address for Sasha’s book. It has taken me 2 weeks to shake my Canadian cold and I misplaced the piece of paper I wrote her and her friends address.  Sorry.. Cheryl. baconburner@gmail.com

Anyhoo continuing on from previous blog.

Steph Brad and K man and my Princess Lily made me feel as if I had never left. It is so nice to have a loving family to visit and to share with.

We had fun with Stephs phone Toy. I had never seen this app before hence the abundance of photos.

Ma wee Princess looking like a Queen
The K Man ready for retirement from the Super Hero Club.
Granpa Koan over seeing Princess Lily and I.
Nice Gnashers K Man
O M G K man do I do that????
K man I need ma tethies???
A new SUPERHERO Unicorn Man fae Aiberdeen…..
Two Cool Cats a few years apart….in Age
Boo Boop be Doop it’s Betty Boop’s Granpaw.

I have never had so much fun as this in Y E A R S .

After I emptied (well almost) my container. Koan was passed down my fishing gear. I hope he has more luck than I  in his fishing excursions.

We went to ELk Lake to try out his casting.

Hahn Girling stopped by to say Hello…. Xin chào những người nhỏ bé
First Catch of the Day


Let's use this for BAIT granpa
Let’s use this for BAIT granpa
DD showing Lily the intricasies of fishing
DD showing Lily the intricasies of fishing
No No not the Rocky Horror Picture Show but a fantastic presentation of Animal Crackers, with my DD…darling Daughter Stephanie. and Gang
We also had lunch with Ruby and Bill fellow Scot expatriates.
We also had lunch with Ruby and Bill fellow Scot expatriates.

A super visit we Ruby a Bloo Tooner and her  hubby Bill a Glaswegian.

I showed the silly photos to my pal Chester and he was Rolling with Laughter
I showed the silly photos to my pal Chester and he was Rolling with Laughter
Meanwhile on a visit to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo. Acorn the Alpaca freshly shorn and wearing a fancy new hairdo.


I even squeezed in a Visit with the McRobb trio from UTOPIA. Jeff, Tina and Mitchell  arrived for a few days. Sadly they never sent any photos.

I must admit that I was shocked with the number of Marijuana shops in Victoria….what will happen when young Trudeau make it Legal? I was inquisitive enough to ask a number of questions in Cook St Village. Apparently in the shops a Gram of semi legal weed costs $18.00 where as on the street not yet metric an Oz costs $100 which is 28 Grams or a difference of  $504 if bought in the store, a savings of $404 if bought on the street?

Had brunch with Chris Earthy and met his new K9 partner.

Also went to dinner with friends shall I christen them the Magnificent Four. Limey, Irene, Marilyn and Craig ( cant locate new photo so here is 2014 pic again.

2014 the start of our adventures
2014 the start of our adventures


Melvin and I reliving the  53rd anniversary of our First arrival in Deutchesland 1963

A great holiday with great people and even greater familia. Then it was off to Borden… see next post