Last Day of 2016……… almost it is tomorrow?????,

As I sit here contemplating my Navel, on this last day of 2016. I reflect on the past year and on New Years past.

As a child I have few recollections of New Years Eve or Hogmonay as they say in the land of my birth. This was confirmed in a conversation yesterday with one of my Grandkids.

Koan is 7 and I said to him well, tomorrow (today) is the last day of the year. What about that? He said “ I don’t go back to school until the end of the Christmas break”

I guess that is why I have no memory of early New Years as it did not really change anything, in my life. Fast forward as they say to my teen years and onwards. New years eve 1963/1964 I was at my Buddy Bob’s hoose in Peterhead. With my best pal from the army Melvin (aka Limey). We went to a dance at the North Eastern Hotel. I saw this stunning red head sitting with some other girls. Dare I ask her to dance? I did and I was hooked, smitten, in love as the saying goes. Alix Duthie was to become my wife and Mother of my children. That was a great New Years probably the best in my memory bank.

Life goes on despite New Years and I have spent them in Scotland, England, Germany, Egypt and Canada. Some were massive hangovers. Thankfully those days have passed. Some were going to bed by 10pm. ( a fact of later life ).

Never the less this past year has been tumultuous for the world, with wars, terrorism and the election of Donal Trump? The New Year 2017 should be extremely interesting on the political stages of the world.

Will peace ever come to Syria? Iraq? Will Terrorism be defeated, isis/daesh, al-quada, boko haram and any other ungodly gangs of terror. That would certainly make 2017 a wonderful year.

I looked up cartoons of Father Time handing over to the baby of the New Year perhaps political cartoons do cover the problems of the world.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure. I wish everyone a

                                           HAPPY HEALTHY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2017

New Year 1901
New Years 1944

New Years today > > > > > >

New Years 2017

Ending this blurb with a happy note????

R E S O L U T I O N S     2 0 1 7

To all Family, Friends. and the entire world:: Lang May yer Lum reek

and for thos who may not know: A Scotticism is a phrase or word which is characteristic of dialects of the Scots language. … Lang may yer lum reek” (a Hogmanay greeting, implying “May you never be without fuel for your fire!”, but more literally translates to “Long may your chimney smoke!”)

and finally for your reading pleasure: 25 Scots sayings that will see you through life.

Old Tradition being resurrected:

See ya in 2017 God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Robby n Sasha in Nairn Scotland



Christmas in Nairn

After dinner relaxation

A Very Merry Christmas to friends and

My new Hood Ornament

, from Japan to Victoria and in the UK. If asked today what I think is the most significant thing invented in my lifetime SKYPE would have to be it.

Sasha Murphy and I celebrated  in the plus 14 sunny temperatures this morning, A brisk walk in the wind refreshed us all.


18 Days in NAIRN…Christmas n Hogmonay with MURPHY.

Introducing Murphy an 11 year old Newfoundlander. Mistress of the household.

Sasha and I arrived in Nairn yesterday, had a long chat with homeowners Euan and Cathie, who have jetted of to Spain for a warm break and Cycling. (Oh to be young again).

We are located in the  quaint olde town of Nairn.  I was fortunate, to see Elaine C Smith in her tours program Burdz eye View. It was on between episodes of Coronation St. Charlie Chaplin used to summer here with his family for years. The beach is beautiful photos to follow, when Sasha and I visit the beach in the coming days.

In keeping with the Xmas Blogs so far I add this years Crisps, Potato Chips are you ready……………………………

            Latest Flavour Burst for this Christmas in Scotland..

This welcoming Blackboard is in the kitchen, certainly made us feel welcome.            That’s it for today Folks, Stay Tuned.