Weight Loss slowly progressing

A Lazy Sunday in Sunny Banchory Scotland, the diet is going well for both Isla and myself.

We both go for a weigh in on Thursday of this week. A Big thank you to our first anonymous donour.

A brief synopsis of Pet Therapy:

The Therapet Service

Given the abundance of evidence to support pet therapy, the Therapet Service was established in 1988 by Canine Concern Scotland Trust (CCST) which is a Scottish Charity. The Therapet Service is entirely voluntary and involves registered dogs, and their owners, visiting hospitals, hospices, residential care and nursing homes, special needs schools and other institutions on a regular basis to provide pet therapy and bring friendship and companionship to everyone they encounter. The volunteers must complete the Disclosure Scotland process and the dogs are assessed for good temperament and general suitability. All volunteers with registered Therapets are asked to follow the Therapet Health Protocol which sets out the health standards required of the Therapet. At present there are approximately 500 registered Therapets throughout Scotland.

Through no fault of their own, many people in the aforementioned premises find themselves deprived of the companionship of a much loved dog. The Therapet Service allows these people to benefit from a regular visit from a dog without all the responsibilities of ownership, but in addition allows them to experience all the benefits of having a loving pet.

Therapets are also used within rehabilitation goal planning with patients. Therapists and patients can set realistic goals involving the Therapet for each visit. For example starting off with reaching forward in a chair and maintaining sitting balance in order to stroke the dog with an end goal, if appropriate, being to take the dog for a short walk. Similarly, in recent years Therapets have successfully assisted psychiatric professionals in helping individuals overcome their fear of dogs. Following set goals, the Therapet and volunteer work in conjunction with the Professional to assist the individual to achieve their goal in managing or overcoming their fear.

As you can see Dogs give a great deal more to mankind than licks and love. Dogs work both with and for mankind. Here are but a few examples. Drug dogs, search and rescue dogs, bomb dogs, seeing eye dogs and deaf therapy dogs.

One of the finest uses of K-9s are the cancer sniffing dogs of various countries. This started at Oxford University

How it all Started:

The first ‘Lancet letter’ came in 1989. Writing, as the name suggests, in the Lancet medical journal, a pair of dermatologists reported the case of a patient whose dog constantly sniffed at a mole on her leg, on one occasion even trying to bite it off. The woman sought medical advice. Tests showed it was a malignant melanoma, almost two millimetres thick. It was removed, and she remained well.

The second Lancet letter (as they’re known in the dog-cancer-detection community) was published in 2001. John Church, a British doctor, and his colleague reported the case of 66-year-old man whose pet labrador, Parker, kept pushing his nose against the man’s leg, sniffing at a rough patch of skin that had been diagnosed as eczema. The man went back to his doctor. The ‘eczema’ was found to be a basal cell carcinoma, which was swiftly removed.

“This is how it started,” Church told the inaugural international conference on medical biodetection, held in Cambridge, UK, in September 2015. “It was all anecdotal.”

Next Update will be after the weight check. Meanwhile please support;


Thanking one and all again for your donations to this worthy cause.

Robby and Isla

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