Weight Status……..Isla’s Hip Op

No the title does not say Hip Hop. Isla was due for a double Hip Op. This was our main motivation for weight loss, Isla had to lose 5Kg which she succeeded with…YAHOOOO all those 5 mile walks did the trick plus the fact she had no treats other than carrots. The op was successful but ( there is always a but) she had a broken femur during the operation. Sadly she is still in the ICU at the Vet hospital. I will be picking her up on Friday if all goes well. Here are a few pics of our 5 milers over the past few weeks.

                                            Crathies Castle 5 miler











                                                    Swimming in the River Dee
                                               Susy and I acting as Life Guards for Isla


                              Chief life Guard Sasha

The exercise / walks really paid off. But as is the norm with Females Isla wanted a hairdo Cut and Blow dry before entering the hospital here are before and after the doggy spa. With Nicola proud animal lover.

                                        Before the Spa
                 After the Spa raring to go.

So the story thus far  Isla lost her 5Kg  Today I weighed in at 127.3 Kg Yahoooo  keep on going S E L F .