An exciting Sunday In Banchory

On Friday’s radio show on River Dee radio. I had the pleasure of meeting “The LONE STRANGER” not only is he a fellow DJ on RDR he turned out to be a most interesting fellow. He advised listeners that if they were travelling on the Crathes Milton Train this weekend. He had heard about a possible Train Robbery?

Well this certainly intrigued myself and I off I went on Sunday to check it out.

When I arrived at the Station I saw many characters milling about?

Have I gone back in time??
Even cowboys seem to have a Mini Me nowadays?

On board I was surprised to see a couple of Cons  board with the Sheriff as an escort Gun Drawn>>>>>

Unfortunately I missed the biggest Con as he swaggered by me, But I got this one face on.
Under the watchful eye of Sheriff and his six shooter
One of my fellow passengers pretended to be asleep but he did have his Wary Eye Open

Just across from me sat a man dressed smartly in Black with Feathers in his hat? Were they from a Black Eagle?The train rolled along through the country side when a commotion started just behind my seat.

The one eyed cowpoke got up as his pals entered…..

O M G as they say nowadays its a Robbery….”The Lone Stranger” was right..

But the Banker fellas was “The Lone STranger” in disguise and he drew his trusty Derringer ( Gold Plated even)

Then a yell from a Pinkerton Lady Detective and the Marshall as they arrested the other  bad hombres.

He has no idea the Lady Detective is aboard nor the Marshall.
They Got him and the others.

Just before we reached our final station one  bad guy came out and held the sheriff at gunpoint so his pals could escape…

He laughs as he surprises the Sheriff

Thankfully the train arrived Safely and people could get off and recover from their ordeal at the Medicine Show.

This little guy was not scared he told me later.
Who is this ? ? ? Perhaps Wild Bill Hickock???
Possibly Calamity Jane or Annie Oakley????

At the medicine show the World Famous Dr showed off his Elixer of Life… even showing us what happens when he gave a sip to a tiny old dog……>>>.

Transformation from an older Dog to a Large Younger Dog > > > > > > > > > A M A Z I N G …

Administering the Elixir.

Five minutes or less W O W ! ! ! !


All in all a GREAT TrainRide  thanks to the entertaining folks of.  Northern Rough Riders Western Reenactment Group. who are having an open day Next Sunday….02 July 2017.

Take Care folks  Enjoy your SUMMER and stay safe

Robby n Sasha in Sunny Scotland.