Another Great SUNDAY reliving the past

With friends and family celebrating Canada  in various parts of Canada…..I went to visit a FANTASTIC Blast from the Past. I attended the Northern Roughriders Western Re-enactment group at their  Wild WEst Town “TRANQUILITY” near Huntly.   Aberdeenshire.

This was certainly a great day, the children and families  were enjoying them selves. and in keeping with the Aberdonian Theme????? it was all FREE. No Charge, no parking fee etc. Games were FREE in fact it was all free of Charge.

Things included were quite extensive, freedom to visit the Jail , The Saloon , the Barber Shop etc etc even the undertakers.

Games for the Kids included Knife Throwing, Archery (poor Buffalo) Rifle range. There was a Bank Robbery a Gunfight with the robbers and a grand finale of a rescue from the jail of the Gang leader. Then a real big shoot em up, with ? ? ? ? ??  the good guys winning in the end.

The saloon was serving up free coffee and drinks for the kids. So for Aberdonians intent on saving money. You could not find a better day than the Family Days at TRANQUILITY… here are a few photos of the day.

Thank you to the and to the Geographically Challenged Cowboy Singer, who welcomed me over the mike as being from Canada USA. Obviously a costly mistake if I had, had, a six gun as well. I would have challenged him to a gunfight  YYYyyyeeee haw a GREAT Day

with lots of fun and SUNSHINE.

The Deputies
Kids Loved the Jail
The main Street and the Well
Confronted with the SWAG
Here Comes the Sheriff
Sasha and Susie found Boot Hill
The remains of a Horse Thief
Leader of the Gang ? ? is he getting Dutch Courage