Weather Report from BERLIN….. is this False News ? ? ? ?

My old pal George Girling sent me an e mail from Berlin. Asking if I had Long Johns as S N O W was on the way.  Ha Ha I laughed as I read his e mail.

It is now 10 hours after reading it. I have spent the entire day in my shorts> Outside painting gates and fences no signs of SNOW>

Now a full 24 hours later and voila ! ! ! ! George where did you get the weather report…. Thanks for the SNOW ha ha ha

The good thing is it will be gone by Morning…Ah Bonnie Scotland there is even a pipe tune to SNOW;


Time for Change ! ! !

No No this is not a Political Comment. Simply the time that the UK SPRANG FORWARD with the clocks. The start of spring me thinks. The past 2 days have been glorious plus 18 C or 64.4 F. Very warm for a March Day in the Highlands of Scotland.

To show my family and friends that I too can spring forward it is time to remove the winter growth:

Note the Fur face and Blue Sky
Now my Handy Dandy Fur Remover
This is not a Commercial
now for the Top
Now the Lather…thanks to my baby brother Joey for leaving it behind….
Ahhhhh a fresh Towel
Wait for it…….
Ta Dah
Short back n sides
I salute this Hairless Scot…….

With the hair loss I have lost a further 1.5 Lbs YAHOOOO.

That’s it I am off to work on my tan.






This housesitter’s W O R S T NIGHTMARE ! ! ! !

Suddenly on a quiet afternoon The extremely loud doorbell rang out. 3 Dogs Barking and going crazy. I went to the door, where the neighbour was standing outside. Stephen said to me Do you know the Llamas have  escaped from the paddock. I said no. He said they are headed up the hill to the woods. I quickly laced up my boots and set off up the hill. (very steep)

What to do, Shall I lasso them and hope they don’t drag me up or down the hill?

Yeeee Haaaa Cowboy Robby heading out to round up the maverick Llamas……or not.

The farther I climbed the hill the more they ran up the hill. Darkness was creeping into the highlands.

I had a bucket of Llama treats with me BUT they were not interested. DARKNESS Fell. I came back down and decided that Daybreak  would be better for my search. Next morning 0515 I look from the bedroom window no Llamas.  Getting dressed boots on I once again headed up the hill. I climbed a 1/2 Kilometer with no sightings. So I decided to Stop, stand still with treats in my hand. Yahoo after about 10 minutes 2 of them peeked from the tree line.  I held their treats out and slowly 2 came to eat from my hand, Killarney and Rocco. Dennis stayed in the trees. I walked back down the hill slowly giving the 2 a wee treat as I led them back to the gate. Safely corralled in the pasture. I saw Dennis. I held my hand out he spat at me. I spat back (as it says in the Llama handlers book) He scarpered off about 10-15 paces turned and looked at me. I held my hand out and he approached. I stepped out of the gate as he passed through.  WHEW Wipe my brow 3 renegades captured. Ah the life of a House sitter.

The Renegades:

Rocco got his nose in First Dennis watching
Killarney waits patiently as Boss Mama sheep gets hers.
Photo from January the day we had Snow.