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Good Day 24 hours till the D day Ceremonies.

While I was checked out from the Hotel. I decided to watch some of the events taking place in Southsea. The Royal marines did a mock beach landing accompanied by 2 Helicopters. Machine gun fire opened up, as marines spewed from the Landing craft.

I also watched a procession of Landing Craft getting ready to transport Veterans across the Channel.

While still outside I looked up and saw 20 old Daks Dakota aircraft to the non military types, including a Russian Knock off from WW2 as the flew over the beach with their load of Paratroopers, who were to drop on the beaches again in Normandy.

The best part of that morning was meeting 3 Vets 2 of which stormed the beaches 70 years ago. The third was a British Military Nurse who said that within the first 72 hours they had well over a thousand wounded in the hospital. Her name is

One Veteran from London was 14 in 1939 when war was declared. He enlisted in the Gloucester Regiment as soon as he was old enough. He hit the Beach named GOLD with others just 19 years of age. His name is Frank Rosier and he was a survivor of that dreadful day.

Saving the bet for last I met, shook this hand and thanked him for his service and freedom. His name Eddie Wallace who was a Gunner with the Heavy Artillery Battery attached to the Canadians. He landed at Juno Beach a man who served in dangerous times and at 91 continues to honour those Canadian Buddies who served with him.

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I am now onboard the Normandy ferry and it seems I am in a time warp. Bagpipes alternating with Vera Lynn and Glenn Millar. Great music and lots of staff and Vets in 40s clothing No jeans in sight.

Met up with some former Fort Garry’s including one Bill Donaldson who saw the light and became an RCASC Officer.

Now I am off to partake of a pint. Slange.

A Toast to the Veterans of WW2
A Toast to the Veterans of WW2
Including 1 87 year old Vet who first jumped into Normandy
Daks  carrying airborne troopers to drop over Normandy Including an 87 year old Vet who first jumped into Normandy



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  1. Did you publish an article on the total number of veterans who are member of the Royal Canadian Legion. If so could you send me a copy.

    Please note my change of Email address.

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