Weather Report from BERLIN….. is this False News ? ? ? ?

My old pal George Girling sent me an e mail from Berlin. Asking if I had Long Johns as S N O W was on the way.  Ha Ha I laughed as I read his e mail.

It is now 10 hours after reading it. I have spent the entire day in my shorts> Outside painting gates and fences no signs of SNOW>

Now a full 24 hours later and voila ! ! ! ! George where did you get the weather report…. Thanks for the SNOW ha ha ha

The good thing is it will be gone by Morning…Ah Bonnie Scotland there is even a pipe tune to SNOW;


This housesitter’s W O R S T NIGHTMARE ! ! ! !

Suddenly on a quiet afternoon The extremely loud doorbell rang out. 3 Dogs Barking and going crazy. I went to the door, where the neighbour was standing outside. Stephen said to me Do you know the Llamas have  escaped from the paddock. I said no. He said they are headed up the hill to the woods. I quickly laced up my boots and set off up the hill. (very steep)

What to do, Shall I lasso them and hope they don’t drag me up or down the hill?

Yeeee Haaaa Cowboy Robby heading out to round up the maverick Llamas……or not.

The farther I climbed the hill the more they ran up the hill. Darkness was creeping into the highlands.

I had a bucket of Llama treats with me BUT they were not interested. DARKNESS Fell. I came back down and decided that Daybreak  would be better for my search. Next morning 0515 I look from the bedroom window no Llamas.  Getting dressed boots on I once again headed up the hill. I climbed a 1/2 Kilometer with no sightings. So I decided to Stop, stand still with treats in my hand. Yahoo after about 10 minutes 2 of them peeked from the tree line.  I held their treats out and slowly 2 came to eat from my hand, Killarney and Rocco. Dennis stayed in the trees. I walked back down the hill slowly giving the 2 a wee treat as I led them back to the gate. Safely corralled in the pasture. I saw Dennis. I held my hand out he spat at me. I spat back (as it says in the Llama handlers book) He scarpered off about 10-15 paces turned and looked at me. I held my hand out and he approached. I stepped out of the gate as he passed through.  WHEW Wipe my brow 3 renegades captured. Ah the life of a House sitter.

The Renegades:

Rocco got his nose in First Dennis watching
Killarney waits patiently as Boss Mama sheep gets hers.
Photo from January the day we had Snow.



Weight Status……..Isla’s Hip Op

No the title does not say Hip Hop. Isla was due for a double Hip Op. This was our main motivation for weight loss, Isla had to lose 5Kg which she succeeded with…YAHOOOO all those 5 mile walks did the trick plus the fact she had no treats other than carrots. The op was successful but ( there is always a but) she had a broken femur during the operation. Sadly she is still in the ICU at the Vet hospital. I will be picking her up on Friday if all goes well. Here are a few pics of our 5 milers over the past few weeks.

                                            Crathies Castle 5 miler











                                                    Swimming in the River Dee
                                               Susy and I acting as Life Guards for Isla


                              Chief life Guard Sasha

The exercise / walks really paid off. But as is the norm with Females Isla wanted a hairdo Cut and Blow dry before entering the hospital here are before and after the doggy spa. With Nicola proud animal lover.

                                        Before the Spa
                 After the Spa raring to go.

So the story thus far  Isla lost her 5Kg  Today I weighed in at 127.3 Kg Yahoooo  keep on going S E L F .