Another beautiful peaceful Sunday in Royal Deeside

What a bright beautiful Sunday so far; The rooster has crowed, the chickens released for a day of foraging. The dogs out for a short walk to do their business. Both Dogs and Cats fed. I am now sitting reading the news with a coffee. I was saddened to see that the GREAT CHUCK BERRY had passed away at 90 years. A good innings as the Brits say. Farewell and Rest in Peace, you added much happiness and joy to my life. Also to your zillions of fans throughout the years. Farewell and joins those rockers at the great gig in heaven. I leave you with one of the Greatest Tunes ever, Johnny  B  Goode

As for Pilmuir we are all Happy that Isla has returned from her double hip replacement surgery, she is recovering well so far. She must wear a cone until her scar is healed ( poor girl) but it is removed for feeding and  her other bodily functions outdoors.

                                                                   Isla’s Arrival Home
I wonder why they didn’t bring me a TREAT?
                                                                                 Visitors to see Isla
                                                               I am tired now go home guys.
                                                                Aha, , , ,   at last rid of that Damn Cone at least while I eat.

I will keep you updated on Isla’s recuperation.

When I opened my e mails I found a photo of my best Amigo  Limey WIlliams Sleeping again? ? ? ? ? ?

                          Mel and Pussy Cat in the land of NOD>>>>

Well folks it is only 115 days till I pick up Steph and the grandkiddlers. We are visiting castles, Jousting Tournaments and a few other special Scottish treats.. Can hardly wait Yahoooooooo.

Stay Tuned That’s it for now.




Weight Status……..Isla’s Hip Op

No the title does not say Hip Hop. Isla was due for a double Hip Op. This was our main motivation for weight loss, Isla had to lose 5Kg which she succeeded with…YAHOOOO all those 5 mile walks did the trick plus the fact she had no treats other than carrots. The op was successful but ( there is always a but) she had a broken femur during the operation. Sadly she is still in the ICU at the Vet hospital. I will be picking her up on Friday if all goes well. Here are a few pics of our 5 milers over the past few weeks.

                                            Crathies Castle 5 miler











                                                    Swimming in the River Dee
                                               Susy and I acting as Life Guards for Isla


                              Chief life Guard Sasha

The exercise / walks really paid off. But as is the norm with Females Isla wanted a hairdo Cut and Blow dry before entering the hospital here are before and after the doggy spa. With Nicola proud animal lover.

                                        Before the Spa
                 After the Spa raring to go.

So the story thus far  Isla lost her 5Kg  Today I weighed in at 127.3 Kg Yahoooo  keep on going S E L F .











1/2 Century …. … …… MEMORY !!! MEMORIES ? ? ?

As we get older it is funny how we cannot remember why we went into a room, Up the stairs or what we had for Lunch 2 days ago.

BUT……my Memory bank of 17 Feb 1967 is crystal clear.

I was on my second tour of the RCASC School this time as an instructor. Friday 17th I was to be on early shift at the large quantity kitchen feeding approx. 500 at Webb Hall. However Alix (Love of my Life) was heavily pregnant. At approx. 4 am she woke me  saying the  pains had started and would I drove her to the Hospital. It was dark and freezing cold. I went out started the car to warm it up. Then called the Doctor to say Alix was on her way to the Hospital…. I raced to The Victoria Hospital in Barrie.

When Alix was settled I was told to go home and come back in a couple of hours. I went to work, changed into my whites. When The Sgt came to me and said I heard your wife is in the Hospital WHAT are you doing here? I took off and raced back to Barrie. In those days we could not be in the delivery room. Michael Stuart McRobb our first born. Arrived at 0720 am that cold winter morning.

Mike , Mook, Mookie was a Friday Child:

Fridays child is loving and giving,

He has now reached his 1/2 Century and is still Loving and Giving.

Mook I love you more than you will ever know, Have a wonderful day;