Late in the Day 19Jan

As this day has passes into history. I have had a wonderful day of thought and reflection.
Friends are very important in ones life, even more so as we enter the senior chapter of our lives. Family is also important and should be prioritised in life.
I reflected on the past year 2012 and the fact that my younger brother Georgie passed away. Far too early in life, and this has made me think of what I wish to do with the rest of my life.
I feel that starting with my bucket list and travelling to the middle east with Bobby will give me , more time to make my life decisions.
Never knowing which day may be the last. I hope in 25 years or so, but not knowing gives me the incentive to travel, meet old friends and make amends in my life.
I was given a gift certificate from friends Marilyn and Craig. I used it to rent 2 Videos one that was recommended. Cane Toads the other I have been anxious to view for a few months. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
How apropos to watch it on my birthday. It is a wonderful story of people entering the senior segment of their lives. It has made me think again about the future.
Stay tuned folks as I share my thoughts on aging and travel in my 7th decade.

My wonderful birthday brunch

As I enter my 7th decade on this earth. I am off to start my BUCKET List. I will be travelling to Scotland to meet up with a boyhood friend. Bob Bruce. We are then off to Sharm elSheik Egypt and a cruise of the Red Sea stopping in various ports. Egypt, Israel and Jordan. In sha allah we will have a wonderful trip. rehashing memories of old. This morning being my actual birthday my Daughter and her life partner Brad, held a Brunch to celebrate this old goats birthday. They presented me with this Blogsite and a fine camera to add photos of my bucket list journey. Thankyou Stephanie, Brad, Koan and Lily Z. Love to one and all.