Memories ! ! ! ! !

Born n Bred at 19 Stevenson St Aberdeen, Jan 1944.

Stevenson St Circa 1960
Stevenson St Circa 1960


The old houses are long gone  but the memories remain, Myra Irvine My Brother George and I were all born at 19 Stevenson St, delivered into this world 70 years ago by our Nannie Rae. Rodney my other Irvine Cousin was born in the same house but delivered by a different Mid Wife as nannie was now in Canada.

We had a mini reunion in Aberdeen, Toured the International market and a Pub or twa.

Colour Canada has been very good to this Immigrant extended_Page_05_Image_0002
Myra and Rodney 1950 Rod is on the Left


Myra always Smiling
Rod in the Pub……again?????
The Sweeties Do I or Don’t I ?????
Rod makes an executive decision and buys some……does he have a sweet Tooth??
3 Aberdonian Cuzzins first meeting of the Clan in over 30 years.